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10 Keys to Increasing Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is quintessential for the success of a company. Whether it is a diner or a hotel, marketing or a designing firm, a consultancy or even a bank, employee engagement is at the very crux of all issues. If your employees are engaged at work, then you would witness phenomenal productivity. You wouldn’t even have to indulge in an impromptu pep talk that most managers or business owners feel compelled to do.

Sadly, employee engagement has been on decline. A majority of the managers in the United States is not invested enough in their jobs. An even bigger majority of the working populace is disinterested in their jobs or the companies they work for. Fortunately, there are some very simple ways to increase employee engagement.

1) Ensure That You Have Happy Employees.
Now, happy is a desired outcome but it is a vague term. You obviously don’t want your employees to be smiling and giggling all the time. Happiness is not about symbolism or gestures. The employees must be truly happy. That can be attained in many ways. You could just respect your employees and make them feel treasured. You could recognize talents and contributions at the right time to boost the level of happiness. Small gestures like a gift on a birthday or a day off for anniversary celebrations and such little things go a long way. Many corporations have a policy that anyone who has a birthday would have to take the day off. You can also come up with some rather unique ways to make your employees happy.

2) Always Show Your Employees the Road Ahead.
No one likes the proverbial glass ceiling. But even worse than that is an opaque wall or a dark, uncertain and unknown road ahead. You must tell your employees what awaits them if they succeed. How will an individual grow, personally and professionally? How would they be rewarded at the end of the week, month, quarter or perhaps a year? What is the yearly or perhaps a five year plan for an employee and where can one end up by giving their best at work? Everyone wants to know the road ahead and most companies, especially small to medium businesses, don’t even bother to discuss a career path or progression with their workforce.

3) The Workplace Cultures is Integral to Employee Engagement.
How people talk and interact, how long they work, whether they are healthy or obese, is there a team of managers that works closely with the team in a conducive manner, is the company fair in its treatment and many such elements that define workplace culture will determine employee engagement.

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