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10 Incredible Visual Marketing Tactics


Visual marketing can produce some incredible results. Here is how you can take your upcoming campaign to the next level.

1) Offer a great story.
The best stories can be consumed quickly, shared easily, and evoke a specific emotion. You’ve got about 15 seconds to get your point across, so be clear and precise with your visual elements.

2) Grab their attention.
Your visuals must stand out in a sea of other visual marketing efforts. Original content stands out, but it must be consistent with the message of your branding. This combination builds trust because it creates familiarity.

3) Embrace the meme.
Memes do a great job of visual marketing because the combine humor or a “fad message” with a coordinating image. You can create your own memes if you wish, but think about including or sharing others on your social channels. Spreading the love brings more love your way.

4) Use visual quotes.
You don’t need to quote famous people to create a memorable visual quote. Something that is different, memorable, and on-point with your brand is effective. Keep it simple and it may become something that everyone wants to share.

5) Repurpose it.
You have plenty of content already created for your brand. Use that to your advantage. Turn a blog post into an infographic. Turn an infographic into a blog post. Create a podcast. Make a video. Turn out a slideshow. By creating visual variety, you’ll be cooking with a recipe that leads to success.

6) Use GIFs to your advantage.
Did you know that more than 22 million GIFs are sent every day on Messenger? Many more are shared as comments on social media. Create your own and you’ll have a visual that can be easily shared to most social networks.

7) Go live with your visuals.
Let people see what happens behind the scenes with your brand. By going live, you create connections with people. You build trust. Trust builds loyalty. That is why this form of visual marketing cannot be ignored.

8) Keep it limited.
Don’t let your visuals create an offer that lasts for an extended period. Keep your timeframes limited. Offer exclusive content. Reward those who follow or engage immediately.

If you’re ready to take your visual marketing to the next level, then these methods can be extremely helpful. Get your next campaign off the ground today.

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