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10 Great Ways to Increase Your Productivity


Here are the key ways to increase your productivity based on this infographic…

1) Organize a list.
If you are looking to get a lot done, and are having trouble starting, then begin with a list. For the most part, organizing a list is empowering. It allows you to take a free floating anxiety regarding what you must do and set it into a number of individual tasks that you need to get done. When it comes to organizing the list, put the most pressing and challenging tasks first. These will probably be the ones you want to do the least. By getting these out of the way ahead of time, you free up your own anxiety and insecurity, and will be more productive and happy for future tasks. In addition, you can cross out tasks when they are complete. The final thing for you to consider when organizing a list is to not give yourself to much. Set a realistic list and allow yourself to feel accomplished when done.

2) Optimize how fun the experience is.
Even the worst tasks can be made better. For example, doing any yard work can be made much better by listening to music. How much fun you can make the task depends on how much you have to be paying attention to the task. Mindless tasks open themselves up to the most fun, while only a few people can do complex tasks with distractions. Ultimately, finding out how fun you can make a task will depend on a bit of trial and error. Regardless, when it works, even the most challenging tasks can take no time at all.

3) Figure out when you are productive.
Every person is unique in regards to when they are productive. Your period of productivity is a time when your mind and body are ready to engage in the task ahead. This is different for everyone. Just as figuring out when you are productive is important, figuring out the best time to rest and recuperate is also imperative. The more you know yourself in this regard, the faster you will get done tasks on your list.

4) Put together small, likeminded tasks.
Tasks range in the length of time they take to complete as well as their complexity. Engaging in a task often involves having to enter the right mindset. If you have a number of small tasks that are similar, then combine them. This will speed up how quickly you accomplish them.

5) Reflect on how you did.
The most important part of increasing how productive you are in a day is to review what worked and what didn’t work. Being critical, review what you got accomplished and what you struggled with. Put the time aside tomorrow to work on these things, and adjust your to do list accordingly.

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