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10 Great Instagram Engagement Tips


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It is the most popular social network based around the concept of posting and sharing images or pictures. Companies as well as self employed professionals, artists and aspiring entrepreneurs explore several social networks or social media sites to attain popularity. While a lot of focus is bestowed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, Instagram is also a site that requires equal dedication. Instagram can contribute significantly to the popularity and thus outreach of a brand, product, service or an individual.

What Sets Instagram Apart

The problem with using Instagram is not very different from social media sites like Twitter. It is extremely difficult to harness the power of these sites owing to the sheer number of people using it and the endless supply of content to these sites. Users or a target audience for anyone do not need to look for interesting content. Their feeds or updates offer them enough information or entertainment to satiate their social networking needs. In such an environment, one has to craft specific strategies to draw the attention, to do something that will compel people to pay heed to the profile and like the posts or what is being shared.

Get on Track

One of the most important objectives while using sites like Instagram is to engage the prospective target audience. Getting multiple likes for one odd post or having a certain number of followers will mean nothing, if there isn’t any ongoing engagement. If you notice some of the most popular profiles on Instagram, then you will find that those profiles get a load of activity, every single day. That is what you need to attain if you wish to harness the power of Instagram.

Focus On Your Images

How To Increase Instagram Engagement By 182% is a guide to help you get noticed. You can get more traction with certain types of images. You need to know what those types of images are. From impact of colors in an image to the message it conveys, there are trends in every aspect which indicate what the people like and what they would want to see, explore and share. Likewise, there are strategies of posting content, at certain times of the day, with a certain frequency and the manner in which you compose the post, from the taglines or meta description to the hash tags that you will use.

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