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10 Great Business Lessons from Fictional Characters


Here are some important points to remember from the above infographic…

1) While fictional business operates on a totally different level from real world business that doesn’t mean there aren’t some truths in the fictional counterparts.
While many of the fictional leaders have non-existent problems or products we can learn from them though how they handle these problems as well as how they handle themselves as a whole. Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and all were larger than life characters at the forefront of their industries either. Despite them having access to unrealistic technology, skills and abilities they all demonstrate that you can achieve amazing things with just a handful of resources at your disposal. With enough drive and passion you can reach those goals even when they may seem impossible. As the saying goes keep your eye on the prize. Don’t get distracted from what you set out to do, no matter what comes along or what problems that may come up make sure that every step you take is moving towards you goal.

2) Work with your strengths.
While this may not be anything new it can often get forgotten in the shuffle. Before you do anything find out what you do best. Look at Betty Suarez, Walter White, and the Winchester Brothers. Not only do these characters play off of their specific strengths they embrace who they are. While you may not be selling highly illegal narcotics or chasing demons you know what skills and abilities you can rely on when the heat is on. Additionally like the Winchester brothers and Walter White you know when you are in over your head and who to go to for help. Knowing who to turn to will offset your own weaknesses as well as share the Burdon to avoid having to carry too much weight all at once.

3) At the end of the day though the only one responsible for your success is yourself.
You are the driving force behind your business. Characters like Bree Van De Kamp and Charles Foster Kane are perfect examples of self-made success. You have the final say on anything and everything with your emerging business. In regards to your employees you set the standard. By outlining exactly what you want out of them gives them something to strive as well as sets the standard by which everyone else will be measured. You don’t have to be a larger than life character like many of these fictional leaders but that does not mean you can’t endeavor to achieve the same level of success as they did.

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