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10 Fastest Growing Small Businesses


Are You Watching These Companies?

The top companies today are on the cutting edge of technology, provide a tremendous amount of value to people, and are helping the world in countless ways. From investment opportunities to the ability to transform your own business in an incredible way, if you can partner with these companies, you’ll be able to do a lot of good in your local community.

Here are the best businesses to watch this year:

Sproxil: One of the biggest contributors to preventable illnesses and deaths around the world today is the use of products that are tainted in some way. Sproxil has created a platform that codes products so that people can check their authenticity before using them personally. Someone simply has to text in a code to Sproxil to verify if a product is genuine. More than 700,000 people last year died because they took tainted or counterfeit drugs for malaria or tuberculosis alone.

Nest: Did you know that for every degree you lower your thermostat in winter or increase it during the summer for just 8 hours, you’re saving 1% on your energy bill? Many people are gone that long from their homes from work! With Nest, you get a thermostat that you can program that will automatically change your home’s temperature during specific time periods. The average person almost $200 in their first year of owning a Nest thermostat!

Square: Many people don’t realize that every credit or debit card transaction that takes place actually costs a business a fee. Those fees vary depending on the credit card processor that a business has partnered with, but often there is a monthly charge and a percentage of each sale charged. This has made it difficult for small businesses to accept major credit cards. With Square, you get a credit card processor that works on most modern mobile devices that also allows people to leave a tip. They simply sign on the device and you instantly get your batches run. Last year alone, Square processed over $10 billion worth of sales!

Ouya: Running on the Android platform, Ouya is an open-sourced gaming platform that is designed to be fully hackable. It streams movies, music, and shows while also providing low-cost or free access to games that all have free trial periods. The idea for Ouya was so effective that it raised almost $9 million in crowdsourced funding on a goal of less than a million dollars!

SurfEasy: With more information coming out about what the American government is doing to spy on individuals online, SurfEasy provides a simple solution: a USB plug-in that allows people to be on the internet without leaving a trace. It has its own web browser, bypasses firewalls, and saves everything on the device instead of on the computer. This company has unlimited potential right now thanks to the Snowden leaks, which is why it is the final company on this list of top companies to watch.

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