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10 Facts About ENFP and INTP Relationship Compatibility

Making new connections and growing relationships with others can lead to new and exciting experiences that we would have previously never had. Pushing ourselves to get out there and connect with people who are similar in some ways and different in others gives us new outlooks on life and helps us grow as people.

Today we will look at two types of people with different personality types to see how compatible they are. The ENFP and INTP personalities are quite interesting on their own, and these 10 facts about how these people could potentially act together can give you an insight as to how to work with these people.

1. They help each other in difficult times
Each of these personality types has a very different approach to looking at situations, and this means that in a time of difficulty, the other person will be able to offer a different perspective on the situation. An ENFP person will be primarily driven by emotion and use this to try and answer questions and resolve conflict. What this means is that they can often lack the raw logic needed to get through difficult times and make rational decisions.

For the INTP person, they are nearly the exact opposite where they look at things like a calculator and try and find the most efficient and logical approach to solving issues. This may seem like a conflicting trait, but when one of the two parties is going through a rough time, the other person could provide the outside idea and way of looking at a problem that you would have never considered.

2. They have deeper conversations
One thing that keeps relationships fresh and interesting is the conversation. Each of these two personalities is based around the concept of abstract thinking that makes for great conversation. What this means for these two when conversing is that conversation will be rich and full of interesting points.

These two personalities especially when talking to one another make for interesting conversation because they both tend to avoid boring and irrelevant conversations. You can skip the small talk and move right onto philosophy.

3. Shared ideals for improvement
The shared desire for improvement is rooted at the core of both of these personalities and can help them move forward together. The never-ending pursuit of more information keeps both parties interested in improvement and will help you push one another in difficult times.

The ENFP person may look at ways to make the world a better place while the INTP person will do research into technological advancements that can help drive the world forward.

4. May have a conflict with logic and emotion
The conflict of logic and emotion is very apparent in this relationship as both personalities look at things from opposing lenses. An ENFP personality will often look to make emotional connections with others so that they can find out what drives and motivates them.
For the INTP personality, an intellectual connection that involves thought and logic is more enjoyable. When trying to connect with one another, this conflict may create some mild tension.

5. Can help each other learn more
The different outlooks on the world are sometimes hard to overcome in relationships, but the different world views can help to grow one another. The ENFP person will be able to help expand on ideas of humanity in making decisions and how you can better learn to work with others.

As the INTP party, you can help provide a dose of logic and reason to help the other person connect their humanity to a base of rational decision making.

6. Both have the drive to make things better
These two personality types look at things fairly differently, but they both strive to help make the world a better place. ENFP personalities generally go into humanitarian filed like healthcare and teaching to give others a chance to become better and feel happier inside.

For the INTP personality, a meaningful job in business or engineering allows them to give back to others in a different way while still making the world a better place.

7. Usually share mutual interests
The intellectual connection both personalities share means that they are both interested in learning new things about the world. Whether it is learning about new cultures or trying new things, each of you will find common ground in the experience of wanting to try new things.

The desire to keep growing and learning brings these personalities together and offers a great way to connect together by trying new activities together.

8. Both lack a preference for structure and organization
While some personalities are all about structure and organization, these two are certainly much more fluid with their organization. Things like having a daily schedule and cleaning routine are not very common among either of these personalities, so they can live well together.

Despite the lack of conflict around organization and time, it may be best for you to both take on certain roles so that your lives don’t go completely off the rails.

9. Communication issues are bound to happen
One of the more prominent issues of this relationship is the way that each party tries to deal with communication. The ENFP party will want to use emotion and humanity to deal with problems right away and get you spilling out emotions when they are first present.

For the INTP person, they need time to think and analyze before reaching a conclusion. This difference can lead to uncomfortable conflict and tricky conversations at first.

10. You derive energy from different means
Just like the classic extroverted and introverted personalities, each of these two personalities relies on different things for getting energy. The ENFP personality is based on interacting with others as often as possible as a means to get energy from social interactions like an extrovert.

For the INTP person, they often need alone time to get back their energy before going out and socializing. This dynamic requires careful planning between the two parties so that everyone is feeling comfortable and able to get the energy they need.


The ENFP and INTP personalities are certainly different in many ways, but they are able to find a certain harmony that makes them work great together. They act as a push and pull to each other that makes both parties better off and opens up the relationship to more experiences together. Understanding these 10 facts about relationship compatibility between ENFP and INTP personalities will help you grow your own relationships and have better interactions in the future.

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