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10 Creative Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

Social networks like Facebook may be free and there may be numerous benefits for any type of business but the reality is that capitalizing on the social media phenomenon is not an easy task. To capitalize Facebook, you need to get fans. Any start up company or small to medium business knows that getting fans is a tedious task. It is very easy to get your friends to like your page. You can get some of your existing customers to like the page or your profile. However, it is very difficult to create a degree of omnipresence. You cannot possibly create an outreach to a huge audience unless you have a well-planned strategy.

A selection of the best tips to marketing on your Facebook fanpage and increase engagement and build fans

Facebook Marketing Tips

Tips to Increasing Facebook Fans

In this info-graphic, we bring to you a horde of 10 tips that would help you to get Facebook fans. The 10 tips are actually killer ways which would not fail in any circumstances. There are certain strategies that work on social networks and many that don’t. After scrutinizing all such strategies, our info-graphic contains the finest 10 ways to get Facebook fans.

How is it that you can get your Facebook fans? Why should people bother to like your page? How can you drive traffic to your Facebook page or compel people to like the profile? These are some questions that need answering to. You would find the answers to these and many more when you explore the tips that are extensively discussed in the slideshow.

Initiating a Call to Action

There are some secrets that not many marketers know. You have to be conscious about how you allow people to check out your website, how much info you put up there and how you initiate the call to action. Unless you sort of compel your audience to take a look at your Facebook profile, people would only be confined to your contact page. You have to go beyond such conventional site features and integrate Facebook, comments and auto sign in features to get people to like your profile on the largest social network.

Small steps such as not accepting any new friend request would compel other users of Facebook to subscribe to your profile or to follow you. In the process you can get fans. This may appear to be harsh or not really desirable but that is reality. There are many such measures that you can take to get Facebook fans.

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