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10 Big Time Google Analtyics Tips and Tricks


Consider these key takeaways from the following infographic.

1) Are You Using Google Analytics Correctly?
An unfortunate number of people are not utilizing Google Analytics at all. Even worse, the number of people who are using Google Analytics, but are not using it correctly. With the second one, an astonishing eighty percent of retailers are not using Google Analytics properly.

2) Make Sure You Know What Google Analytics Actually Is.
While there is no actual data on this notion, it still doesn’t seem completely unreasonable to assume that some people are not completely clear on what Google Analytics is. To that end, keep in mind that Google Analytics is designed to provide you with data. This data is designed to help with increasing traffic while improving conversion rates.

3) Understand How To Get Access.
Everything begins by connecting Google Analytics with Google webmaster tools. From there, you will have the ability to access such features as the keywords report, the traffic sources top referrers report, the content overview report, and many others.

4) Build Strategies Around Results.
The whole point of using something like Google Analytics in the first place is to understand what the numbers mean for the future. That means keeping in mind what the results mean for the future of your marketing strategies. Through this analytical data, you have the ability to understand everything that works and doesn’t in a variety of elaborate, complex ways. You can build leaner, more ambitious strategies for marketing.

5) It Comes Down to Content.
In a general sense, you’re going to find that most of your strategies will include optimizing content in some form or fashion. You want content that is not only going to bring people to your site, but keep them there, as well. A good example of Google Analytics giving you keen insight into how you can build that optimal content comes in the form of the audience reports. This will give you the ability to figure out exactly which segments of the audience prefer which pieces of content/special offers, and then optimize that content accordingly. Through this feature alone, you can develop strong, personalized strategies around the content and offers you know an audience segment will respond to.

6) Organic Traffic is the Best Kind of Traffic.
When it comes to the most consistent, most preferred type of traffic for your website, organic traffic through traffic sources is what you want.

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