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10 Best FB Profile Pics for Men and Women

10 Best FB Profile Pics for Men and Women

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What Does Your Profile Pic Say About You?

The profile picture you use on social media sites really does say a lot about your personality. Though some people fall outside the most common profile pics, chances are you see some version of these profiles every day. With employers looking at social media during the interview process and targets looking at your profile to see if you’ve got a worthy brand, your profile pic is more important than ever right now. You could be making some of these mistakes right now that keep you from accomplishing your goals?

Are You the Life of the Party?

A common profile picture that people post is out with a group of friends, having a drink, and just having a good time. This might seem harmless at first, but what would a prospective employer think if they saw you, drunk off your gourd, holding up three beers in your social media profile? Many employers would see this as a lack of control, and if you can’t control yourself in social situations, you likely can’t control yourself in professional ones. You might not be afraid of what people think of you now, but that might cost you a job later.

Are You Proud of Your Body?

Those faceless body shots that show how ripped you are or how hot you look in your bathing suit – you look pretty hot, right? That’s pretty awesome… right? Not necessarily so. While your friends may understand that you’ve put in lots of work to have a ripped body, other people will see someone who is concerned only about themselves. They’ll see someone who isn’t a team player. If that’s what an employer sees, they’ll take a pass on your job application.

It’s an Old Picture of Yourself

It’s been said that high school for some people is the best four years of their life, while for others it is the last four years of their life. Old school photographs of yourself can help you remember the times when things were fun, but it also communicates that you’ve got no appreciation for the present here and now. If you are stuck in the past, a potential employer may just wonder what kind of future you may have with their organization.

Does Your Face Quack?

From grandmothers to the four year old identical twins your sister might have, the “duck face” is probably the most popular profile picture there is. Pursing your lips together so that it looks like a duck bill, to many people, it signals their ability to be cool. What it speaks of to others, however, is the want to be the center of attention. This might make a potential employer wonder if you’re going to spend your paid time focusing on your work… or yourself.

What Is a Good Profile Pic?

There really is no general rule of what makes a good profile pic. From pets to simple portrait shots, if people want to see something negative in your expression of yourself, they will. If you take measured steps to adjust your social media profile as you start looking for jobs to avoid these profile pics, however, you’ll likely have a greater chance of communicating a level of authenticity to an employer that they want to see.

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