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10 Amazing Apple Marketing Strategies that Entrepreneurs Can Use


Here are the highlights from this infographic.

1) Apple Keeps Things Simple.
With Apple marketing, there isn’t a lot of extra information. Generally, they simply show you the product, and then allow the product to speak for itself. They avoid flashy, unnecessary noise, and they keep their content to the absolute minimum. They work with simple, relatable graphics that get the message across immediately.

2) Product Placements and Leveraging Reviews.
Placing products with influencers can have a ton of benefits. They will share the information with their users, and the seeds are going to develop from there. You can also gain a lot by leveraging your reviews. Offer free samples and trials, and follow that up by encouraging users to share their experiences on social media sites.

3) Focus on Value, While Making Sure You Ultimately Stand Up For Something.
Create a unique value proposition, instead of focusing on the actual price. Apple avoids price wars, and they stick with their prices. They can do that because they offer a unique value proposition. You can, too. At the same time, remember that people want consistency from their trusted brands. Your marketing can certainly reflect the consistency of your brand.

4) Offer Experiences in a Language Your Users Will Understand.
In the end, people are more interested in experiences than ever before. Products are fine, but they must be a means to an end, and the end should offer a multitude of potential, unique experiences. You need to communicate this promise to your users as openly as possible. You should also strive to speak to your customers in the language they speak and understand. This should be organic, natural conversation.

5) Build an Aura, and Appeal to Their Emotions.
Up to a certain point, customers do love any chance to speculate on something. You can burn this enthusiasm out by waiting too long, or by giving your customers too little information to even speculate. So what you want to do is give people the basics, and let them use their imaginations to fill in the possible blanks. You can accomplish a lot in this arena by making it a point to speak to their emotions. Show people the emotional state of someone having an experience with your product.

6) Visuals.
From videos, to images, to sharable, visual-based content in all forms, there is no question that visuals need to play a huge role in your marketing. Apple uses compelling video and audio, and they keep things straightforward.

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