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Writing Quality Blog Posts in Half the Time


Writing tends to involve a perfectionist attitude. The idea is simple: by writing a perfect first draft, the revision process becomes a lot easier.

The only problem with this attitude is that it can slow down the creative process… or block it. If you’re struggling with the perfectionist approach, these methods can help to make your writing process become more efficient.

1) Run with a Good Idea.
Stop looking for the perfect idea. As soon as you have a good idea, run with it. See where the journey takes you. If the content you write is able to help your readers while stimulating your passionate side, then your expertise will shine through.

2) Definitive vs Value.
Many writers get held back by the idea that they must write a definitive guide to everything. That creates endless tomes of research materials which must be reviewed. Look for valuable advice to create unique guides instead. Focus on what you already know. Narrow your topic if necessary.

3) Outline It.
Outlines will help you stay writing because you have a plan in place. Free-writing can be fun and some writers do better with it, but most writers work more efficiently when an outline is created first. This will ensure you have a good introduction, body, and conclusion as well.

4) Get the Ideas Down.
A first draft should be more about idea formation than perfect prose. Worry less about correct paragraph or sentence structure. Focus on putting down every idea in a way that works with your outline. Formatting issues can be resolved on a revision.

5) Improve It.
Writers avoid revisions because errors and flaws in a first draft make them feel like a failure. Use the revision process to your advantage. Improve upon what is already good. Enhance the materials with new or better ideas. Refine your message.

6) Edit Vocally.
Minor blemishes can cause big problems in published content. Writers fret about typos. Readers question the expertise of the writer. It’s a bad combination. By reading your content out loud, it becomes easier to catch these errors.

Then you’ll be ready to publish. When working in a creative field, there will always be self-criticism on some level because you’re creating something that will be judged by others. Focus on the help that is being provided and your writing will improve.

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