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What Are The Average SEO Consulting Fees

Search engine optimization is something that nearly every business today must have in some form. Online marketing is one of the only ways to be able to survive in a world that is driven by the Internet. It’s not a question as to if you need SEO services. It’s a matter of how much would you pay for those services that really matters.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the costs of search engine optimization and what the forms of payment and services can look like for your business.

There Are 4 Primary Types of SEO Payments

There are a few different ways that you can pay for your search engine optimization needs. You may be able to receive certain discounts depending on the type of payment arrangement that you make with the company that is providing services for you. Here is a look at the four different types of payment arrangements that are typically made for SEO services.

1. The monthly retainer model.
In this type of payment arrangement, a client is able to pay a flat fee every month in exchange for a certain amount of services. This is the most common form of payment for search engine optimization because it provides both businesses with the best return on their investment. Typical optimization activities under a monthly investment arrangement usually include keyword research, press releases, content improvements, and basic optimization.

2. The contract services model.
Many business that are just starting up only need a few SEO services instead of the entire package. That’s why contract services can help a business get the optimization needs they have met without paying the higher fees of the monthly retainer. Any search engine optimization task can be included as a contract service at a fixed price.

3. The project pricing model.
This model of optimization pricing is a lot like the bidding process for a construction project. SEO agencies will bid on the entire project that a business has and the lowest price that comes in wins the job.

4. The hourly pricing model.
This is a basic consulting model of business where an hourly fee for optimizations services is exchanged for services that are rendered.

Most search engine optimization agencies are going to use all of the different models of payment. Many businesses will utilize multiple forms of payment as well so that all of their needs can be effectively met.

What Are the Typical Costs to Expect?

How much a business will need to pay for the optimization services depends on the scope of the job that needs to be done and what type of payment form they are planning on using. Here is some of the latest data that is in place right now about the current costs of SEO services.

1. Monthly retainers can be up to $5000 per month.
The specific amount that a business will pay depends on the size of their agency in the spectrum of the job. Prices may be higher than this amount if there are multiple websites that need to be serviced for an organization. Prices may be lower for smaller businesses that have more specific needs.

2. The prices of contract services have a very wide margin.
The lowest cost item on the SEO spectrum is copywriting services and with the right freelancer the cost can be about one cent per word. On the other end of the spectrum is the site content audit or the link profile audit which could run as much as $7,500.

3. Prices based on projects are dependent on regional differences.
The bidding process can create a competitive marketplace for a business to get the optimization services that they need. Prices will be based on the region, so rural companies are typically going to spend less on optimization services than urban companies in a major city.

4. Hourly rates can be as high as $300 per hour.
SEO experts do have a wide variety of hourly consulting rates that are charged across the industry today. Professionals located outside the United States tend to charge less than those inside the United States.

Before selecting any search engine optimization company to represent you, it is important to solicit multiple prices for the services that you need to have rendered so that you get the best price possible. Don’t rush into the SEO field even if you need to have a job turned around right away.

What Are Some Things To Be Watch For in SEO Optimization?

The unfortunate fact that the Internet today is that there are companies in every industry that have unethical business practices. SEO agencies are not alone in this fact, but it can be difficult to locate an indiscriminate SEO agency who is just trying to take your companies money. One of the first things that should be discussed is a guarantee of ranking improvement. SEO companies can’t generally provide a guarantee because the nature of the optimization industry is constantly changing.

In the world of search engine optimization, if it sounds too good to be true, it always is. No SEO agency in the world today can guarantee you a number one spot on any search engine. This is something that is outside of their control. It sounds like a great promise, and the goal of search engine optimization is to achieve this, but there’s no possible way to guarantee this.

Link building is one of the most crucial parts of search engine optimization. Without any incoming links, it is impossible to have a site that ranks highly on a search engine. The problem is that modern link building also has a level of trust associated with it. You can’t just buy good links any more. You need to have organic links that are ethical and trustworthy for a search engine to trust your website.

SEO services may seem expensive, but they are still one of the most affordable marketing efforts that money can buy right now. Take a look at your budget, consider these prices, and then get the services that you need.

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