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Weebly vs SquareSpace

If you want to create a website and have it be active on the internet today, then a website builder is a simple and effective solution that help you get what you need in just minutes. Today’s website builders are intuitive, responsive, and flexible to your ever-changing needs.

There are two popular choices to help you create the website your business needs right now: Weebly and Squarespace. Both builders offer opportunities for users to embrace their creativity, get products or services online, and market a brand. Each has specific strengths that are worth considering as well so that the right service can be used to create your online presence.

Here are the 5 primary points of comparison to look at in the Weebly vs Squarespace debate.

1. How Easy Is It to Use?

Weebly has a user interface that is friendly and intuitive. You can connect a domain name, add content, or change your account access information with just a few clicks thanks to the simple navigation commands in your dashboard. It is designed for the average person, but still offers access options that a skilled programmer can appreciate.

As a builder, it offers a drag-and-drop design with the option to add widgets or feature elements anywhere on the template canvas. Mobile applications are also available.

Squarespace provides an editing process that is what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) and navigation is easy to understand, though a little cluttered when compared to Weebly. There are numerous Apple-based apps available on this platform, as well as a handful of Android apps.

You can write or edit blog posts through the apps, see website data, and upload to your portfolio. It is designed for someone who is familiar with building websites and has some programming experience.

2. What Are the Available Features?

Many may think of Weebly as a free website solution with basic options, but it really is a feature-rich solution. You can add users through memberships and group them to control page access. An e-commerce platform is available which can handle physical or digital goods. Blogging, IFTTT integration, and chat options are also available. This allows you to build a website that is flexible and engaging to the visitor.

Separate platforms are available for educational needs and a site planner is available to help all users undertand everything from audience engagement to improved SERPs.

Squarespace offers a similar set of features, even though it is often seen primarily as an e-commerce platform. The blogging platform offered by Squarespace is severely underrated. You can manage comments, schedule posts, and edit content in a way that is similar to WordPress, making it instantly accessible to virtually anyone.

You can also import content from other blogging platforms, such as Tumblr, and create landing pages which can be added to an existing Squarespace site.

3. What Are the Available Themes/Templates?

Weebly offers users access to 50+ themes straight out of the box. There is a good variety of looks, allowing users to create a minimalist site or one that looks bold and modern. Each template offers an advanced editor that gives you full control of CSS and HTML coding, letting you fully customize the template and theme to meet your needs.

Each Weebly template is responsive and you can edit that responsiveness to improve how mobile users can view your site.

Squarespace offers 60+ templates that are industry-specific, so some users may only have access 1 specific template that matches up with what their business does. The imagery on each Squarespace template is of a high quality and full-screen backgrounds are a common theme in every industry.

Each Squarespace template is responsive, but you can also disable this feature if you prefer. Users are unable to change how the site looks for mobile users, but there is a Mobile Information Bar that allows for limited modification.

4. How Good is the Customer Support?

Weebly strives to make a platform which allows anyone to take a few minutes and be able to understand how the process works. If there is a question about something, a Help Center is available to answer most common questions. Weebly also offers a live chat option and requests can be sent by email as well. Free phone support is also available on a limited basis.

Squarespace offers live chat support during their regular business hours. They also have a Help Center which has detailed guides, video instructions, and workshops that can help users better understand the product. A question-and-answer area that is one-part forum and one-part Help Center is also available, helping users get together to discuss the potential issues they are facing or get their questions answered.

Squarespace also holds free individualized workshops in their New York offices on a regular basis for those who are able to attend.

5. What Is the Price?

Weebly offers users a freemium plan that can stay free for the lifetime of a website if it is managed appropriately. There are also four paid packages available to users, with the starter plan costing $8 per month. There is also a professional plan for $12 per month, a business plan for $25 per month, and a performance plan that begins at $49 per month.

Email marketing campaigns can be included with many of the plans.

Squarespace does not offer a free plan to get users started, though free trials are regularly available. There are four paid packages available with this platform as well. The personal plan is $12 per month and offers basic design access. Business plans begin at $18 per month. For those who want to have an online store, that plan is $26 per month. Advanced stores are $40 per month.

Squarespace also offers an SSL-Certificate, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and a free domain name with many of their plans.

Weebly vs Squarespace: Which Option is Better?

Weebly is a good option for those who are just starting to establish an online presence with a personal site or a business-branded opportunity. Its entry-level plans are cheaper and there are fewer limitations with the template and theme designs when compared to Squarespace. This is especially important for users who are looking to target mobile visitors and prospects.

Squarespace is a good option for those who are looking to start an e-commerce presence. The basic store is just $1 per month more than a Weebly entry-level business site, while the advanced store is $9 per month cheaper at the lowest rates. It may take a little longer to create a site with this platform, but users can also build a stronger overall foundation.

Both platforms have specific strengths which make them potentially useful for anyone who is looking to start a website. Compare your needs to what these builders can provide and you’ll be able to find the right solution for what you need.

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