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Ways to Lower Your Email Unsubscribe Rate


With the age of computers upon us, many companies and businesses have now chosen to spread their information and their publications through email services, instead of newspapers and newsletters, because emails are a lot quicker. Where mailing services may take days, even weeks in some cases to appear, emails are much quicker, where the information is spread that day.

Running a customer subscriber list is far from easy, but it doesn’t need to be too difficult to keep your customers loyal to your company. If you find that you are struggling to keep your customer’s attention, then you may find solace in these four tips as discussed in this infographic.

1) Make Your Objective Clear.
Too often companies fail to offer incentives to why customers should subscribe to their email list, so you should not follow these same mistakes. Instead, make sure your objectives are clear from the get go, so as you don’t confuse your customer base. Offer incentives like “subscribe now to get daily posts”, or “subscribe now to get 10% off your next order”, these little incentives may seem minuscule to you, but to your customers they are a big deal.

2) Be Consistent.
What most customers depend on their companies is consistency, so make sure you follow these guidelines when you email your customers. Try to keep regular emailing hours, whereas you are emailing at specific days and specific hours, that do not alternate or change ever. This will allow customers to expect regular content, without feeling overburdened or confused on missing content.

3) Spice Up Your Content.
Your content is a huge part of the email you are sending, so make sure you make your content interesting. Include a variety of articles in your weekly or monthly newsletters, and try to keep things fresh and interesting towards your target customer base. Avoid talking about your successes or things that do not concern the customer, as too much “me” promotion will usually deter customers away from your company.

4) Email Real Topics.
Avoid spam or advertising articles, as your customers will more than likely feel a disconnect if you choose to send spam or malware emails to them. Avoid content that does not apply to the customers, as you want them to be as involved as possible. Customers who feel apart of a company are more likely to stay loyal to their business, as well as purchase services/products from the company in the future.

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