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Twitter User Audience Demographics and Statistics

Twitter User Audience Demographics and Statistics

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The Who, Why, and How of Twitter

Twitter launched in 2006 and has enjoyed a massive surge in growth and popularity around the globe. From private internet users to large public companies, Twitter has been used as an effective microblogging site to share the latest news, photos, links and other information. Read on to learn who sends out tweets, why they do it, what is shared, and how often the share it.

The Big Numbers

First let’s go over the main statistics behind Twitter usage. Around 8 % of U.S. Internet users are on Twitter. Everyday more than 460,000 new Twitter accounts are created. Over 20 million U.S. adults access Twitter at least once a months. On average, 177 million tweets are sent per day. The number of mobile Twitter users has almost doubled in the past year. All this data goes to show that Twitter is here to stay and its importance will only increase over time.

Who is most likely to use Twitter?

There have been many studies looking at different types of internet users and figuring out which groups use Twitter the most. Factors such as gender, race, age, education level, geography and income have been taken into account to find out the percentage split amongst the various possibilities.

According to market research carried out by eMarketer, the largest demographic of Twitter users are female, Hispanic, in their 20s, who attended college, live in a city and earn either under $30k or between $50-75k.

Why do we use Twitter?

The most common reason that people use Twitter is to give them another way to keep in touch with friends and family. Though there are plenty of other reasons that motivate people to join and use Twitter. The reasons given for using the service have been found to be slightly different between men and women. Here are the top reasons given for using Twitter and the percentage according to gender:

• Keep in touch with friends (34 % male, 48% female)
• Post Status Updates (28 % male, 29 % female)
• Find News and stay up to date (31 % male, 21 % female)
• Work Related (23 % male, 22 % female)
• For Research (10 % male, 8 % female)
• Other (3 % male, 6 % female)

How do we use Twitter?

People are using the service in many different ways, from posting updates to sending direct messages. These are the top ways we use Twitter:

• Post personal update
• Post work related updates
• Share links to news articles
• Share general life observations
• Retweet other users
• Send a direct message
• Share photos and images
• Share videos
• Tweet current location

How often do we check it?

Around a quarter of Twitter users are very active, and check up on new tweets several times in a day. Other users are less active. Here is a full breakdown:

• 24% – check several times a day
• 12% – once a day
• 5 % – 3-5 days per week
• 12% – 1-2 days per week
• 7% – every few weeks
• 20% – less often
• 21% – never check tweets

Overall about 50% of the attention on Twitter goes to the elite few users that make up only 0.05% of the total twitter population. These users represent organizations, media and celebrities.

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