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Top Travel Destinations in the World

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Popular Travel Destinations

The popular travel destination in this infographic will serve as a reminder for every citizen that the world has plenty of hidden gems that must be treasured and cherished for as long as you live. The world has many natural resources, historical landmarks, great tourist destinations and a nature that will let you feel the importance of living on Earth.

United Kingdom

There are a lot of places to visit in the United Kingdom. Some of their major sights are the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. There are also places here for art lovers like the National Gallery, Tate Modern and Cabinet War Rooms. Be amazed with different British foods and restaurants that you will surely love. Don’t miss to visit the following places in London.

• Victoria and Albert Museum
• Churchill War Rooms
• Olympic Stadium
• Manchester
• Glasgow
• Liverpool
• Belfast
• Blackpool
• Birmingham
• Torquay
• Llandudno
• Bristol


In turkey, you will find old mosques, markets, churches, modern restaurants, night clubs and galleries. You will truly enjoy the fantastic tourist attractions all over the place. Your money will be worth it. A wide range of activities and adventures are present within the place. The amazing mountains and seaside resorts are definitely a plus in your holiday vacation.

• Marmaris
• Antalya
• Goreme
• Bodrum
• Dalyan
• Oludeniz
• Ankara
• Urgud


The country of Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This is because of the different museums and artworks that they have. You will truly enjoy the museums and a variety of artworks in their country. Here are some of their tourist spots all over their country. The art carvings and Islamic art that you could see in their museums are some of their hidden gems that they are really proud of.

• Zubara Fort
• Museum of Islamic art
• Al-Jassasiya Rock Carvings
• Barzan Towers
• Doha Zoo
• Qatar National Museum
• The Pearl


The sandy coast of India is perfectly suited for reclining activity by the sea shore. Their beautiful beaches, churches and architectures are some of their treasures. Here are the best attractions in India that you can visit this coming holiday season.

• New Delhi
• Jaipur
• Goa
• Mumbai
• Agra
• Varanasi
• Bangalore
• Udaipur
• Gurgaon
• Kochi
• Calcutta


In the country of China, you will enjoy the museums, temples, towers, beaches, rivers and the well known Great Wall of China. Give yourself enough time to visit the top tourist attractions in the country. This is your chance to explore the real beauty of China.

• Beijing
• Xian
• Shanghai
• Guilin
• Yangtze River
• Lhasa Tibet
• Lijiang Yunnan
• Silk Road in China

The popular travel destinations that are stated above are some of the places in the world with rich culture, tradition, beliefs and different aspects in life. Give yourself a treat to visit the most popular travel destinations in the world. Feel amazed and blessed with the beauty of the world.

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