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Top 8 Hottest Startup Businesses


Are You Thinking About Creating a Start-Up Company?

Thanks to crowd-sourced funding and the ability to create a global business from a home office, start-ups are just as hot in 2013 as they were during the dot com craze at the turn of the millennium. Start-ups are a place where business dreams have a hope for success, where people can find employment in a difficult job economy, and where innovation can occur in leaps and bounds. Many home-based businesses are taking advantage of major start-up opportunities right now! Are you ready to see what start-up might be right for you?

Micropurchases Fuel Social Gaming Startups

Forecast to grow at an astounding 184% in the coming year, social gaming start-ups are popular because they are low cost to create, yet can generate amazing rewards. Candy Crush Saga, one of the hottest social games on Facebook right now, reportedly clears over $600k per day in micropurchases. From power-ups that help gamers advance levels to special items that distinguish a paid social gamer from a free one, micropurchases are tempting for people because for a very small price they can get value. Even if a game only has 100,000 regular players, a 2% paid customer rate at just $1 per day would net a new start-up $2,000 in revenue per day.

Online Shoes Sales Make a Home-Based Business Easy

The basic component of any retail sales operation is that you purchase a product at a wholesale price from a supplier and then sell it at a retail price to your customers. The wider the margins, the more profits you’re going to make. With online shoe sales, a start-up can piggy-back onto the reputation of an existing shoe company, feature specific types of shoes, and then run a business from their home because they take the sales, send the reports to the primary company, and the company sends out the order. With only 16% of the market dominated by two retailers in Amazon and Footlocker, there is always room to grow into a nice shoe business.

Home Consulting Services As a Start-Up

Do you specialize in a niche and are the best at what you do? Then a start-up that focuses on your consultation abilities could be the perfect opportunity for you. Whether you’re an awesome writer who can write varied content or an amazing computer engineer who is always at the cutting edge of modern computing, if you’ve got something great to offer at a fair price, you’ll have customers. What is a fair price? Whatever price point your customers are willing to pay for your services. Some consultants easily make $500k per year… and have room for more growth! Take a look at your talents to see if you’ve got something that would be worthwhile to a lot of people.

Find the Start-Up That is Right For You

Not every start-up is a perfect match. If you’re not interested in social gaming, for example, then creating a start-up that focuses on social gaming doesn’t make much sense. Find your passion, create a product or service that solves a problem, and you’ll have one of those successful start-ups that people are talking about in no time at all.

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