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Top 25 Twitter Tools for Increasing Engagement


1) Tweriod
The purpose of this tool is the give you an idea of when the best times to tweet are. These times are based on the activity of followers and user engagement. Knowing when the best time to tweet is very important for your exposure.

2) Canva
Coming in strong with a user-friendly interface, this tool is a cool and cute way to edit and create pictures for business and personal use. Having great pictures is an important way of getting followers.

3) Crowdfire
Crowdfire is versatile and very helpful. It starts with an in-depth analysis of your account. While also linking in all other websites, blogs. And/ or social accounts.

4) Manageflitter
This tool sifts through your followers and organizes them. It also helps you find exactly who to follow. The other awesome part to this is that it also let you know who has unfollowed your page. Another use is that it lets you in on keywords to use.

5) Social oomph
This tool is all about the user. Any new follower gets an automatic follow back, as well as an automate DM message sent to them. The purpose of this is to build a relationship with the user.

6) Tweet Jukebox
Scheduling is no longer a huge issue with this tool. All you have to do is fill each “jukebox” with content and let the magic ensue. But first, you get to choose how many times and how often you want to tweet. Not only can you send out content, but there is also a way to send out a thank you to your user(s).

7) Tweepi
Getting fast and genuine followers is a best feeling, especially when you have been putting in so much hard work on your page and your brand. This tool is one way to, make that happen. By honing in on your target audience, Tweepi helps you find the right people to follow, as well as finding the right people to follow you. This tool helps to keep your target audience in focus by pointing you in the direction of relevant users based on their interests.

8) Twitter counter
Twitter counter is a good tool to have for keeping track of traffic on your page. This tool lets you know the numbers and comparisons follower growth vs how many unfollowed. These results should be used to adjust the strategy.

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