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Top 15 Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment


Here are some key takeaways from this infographic to remember about shopping cart abandonment.

1) Each Year Online Businesses Suffer From Cart Abandonment.
In well over half of the cases when a transaction at an online site is not completed it is because a customer decided to abandon their cart. As a business, this can cost you a lot of money. Surveys show there are a variety of reasons why cart abandonment happens. Usually, it occurs because they find the total price of the cart to be too much, either on its own or because of extra costs they were not aware of before checkout.

2) You Can Avoid This Issue With a Few Webpage Tweaks.
First, make the checkout process as customer friendly as possible. Let both registered users and guests shop with you. If you have a register button, think about making it less noticeable, or possibly removing it from your page. Add graphics to your page to highlight your products, as well as the final checkout button. Create a cart that is simple, quick, and easy to edit. Give them forms that are also easy to understand and quickly fill out.

3) Simplify the Online Shopping Process for Customers to Pay.
Offer lots of different ways to submit payment near the end of the process. Give customers a clear way to get in contact with you if they have any questions or issues. Point to your refund page on your checkout page itself. Also let them know this is a policy that you stand behind. You may also want to think about letting customers have a way to save their purchases to come back for them later. Display various trusted security logos to let buyers know that you site is safe and secure to shop with. Give them a few customer reviews or testimonials. Offer free shipping if you can.

4) Track Your Overall Checkout Page.
See when in the process cart abandonment happens. Do your best to improve on the overall process as often as you can. As you do, you are likely to see sales pick-up dramatically. With just a few tweaks every few months, you are sure to win over more customers online. This means more profits for your business at the end of the day.

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