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Top 12 Tools for Creating Pinnable Pinterest Pictures


Pinterest is one of the most effective social media sites if your objective is to market, advertise, promote or sell a product or service. However, there will be some daunting challenges. More than half a million businesses are vying for the attention of users on Pinterest. That number is increasing rapidly and before you know it, there would be more than a million businesses using the site. In such a competitive place, you ought to emerge as one of the top contenders and you can be that only when you have a widespread exposure.

Brand awareness, outreach or visual exposure matters most when it comes to marketing or advertising. Being present on Pinterest is not going to make much of a difference unless you have the exposure and you can only get the exposure when you are unique or at least enticing.

To create an enticing presence, you need some tools which will help you to weave magic with the visuals. You need some amazing Pinterest graphics to have an enticing presence and that will make you appealing to the audience.

In 12 Free and Low Cost Tools to Create Pinterest Graphics, you will come across a dozen applications or resources which will help you to achieve your goals. Some of the tools are free while some have to be purchased. Some tools are free but there is a cost to upgrade which will allow you access to premium features and facilities of the tool. You may choose the free tools or might make very little investments, which are almost negligible, to enhance your presence on Pinterest.

The visual presence on Pinterest is not solely about graphics, although that plays an instrumental role. You need designs for every post that you will create, you will need a layout and fine formats for every word you compose or post. From info-graphics to presentations, you need to have a compelling, impressive and powerful presence. Every inch of your presence on Pinterest should be appealing and the users should be captivated enough to check out more about your profile and what you have to present or propose.

With the help of some or all of the 12 tools as highlighted in the associated info-graphic, you can achieve the objective of generating the desired traction on Pinterest and it is by virtue of the traction that you will get the desired following and traffic.

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