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Time Spent Online Statistics By Region and Type of Activity

Time Spent Online Statistics By Region and Type of Activity

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How Much Time Do People Spend Online?

With the internet made available at the tip of our fingers, ever wonder how much time people spend online? Currently there is a global online population of 2.1 billion, accounting for 30% of the world. Of that, the time spend online each month was 35 billion equivalent to approximately 4 million years. The average time spent each month by global internet users were 16 hours. This compared to the US based internet user which dedicated 32 hours per month.

Global Online Population by Region

Here is how the global population breaks down by region of the percentages of those online.

• North America – 78.90%
• Europe – 64.50%
• Oceania – 58.19%
• Latin America – 37.74%
• Asia – 22.14%
• Africa – 11.60%

Top 10 Countries Online Population

A listing of the top ten countries populations finding themselves online.

1. United Kingdom – 85%
2. Germany – 81.85%
3. France – 80.10%
4. Japan – 80%
5. United States – 79%
6. Russia – 43%
7. Brazil – 40.65%
8. China – 34.30%
9. Nigeria – 28.43%
10. India – 7.50%

Breakdown of Time Spent

How do people prefer to spend their time while online?

22% of people tend to spend it on social networking sites. The other 21% preform searches with an additional 20% reading content. With the ease of communicating made readily available by the internet, 19% of individuals find themselves accessing emails. The growth in multi-media sites attracts 13 percent of the global online population. Only a small 5 percent of people spend their time with online shopping.

Top 10 Popular Activities Online

1. Emails.
2. Use search engines.
3. Access health and medical information.
4. Seek hobby related materials.
5. Search for directions.
6. Check the weather.
7. Searching information with buying products.
8. Read online news articles.
9. Seek entertainment related valued content.
10. Buy a product.

Top 10 Most Visited Websites

The top ten most visited web sites show you exactly where online users turn to first.

1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Yahoo
4. MSN/Bing
5. YouTube
6. Microsoft
7. AOL
8. Wikipedia
9. Apple/Safari
10. Ask.com

Interesting Facts about Online Users

It is interesting enough to realize that more than 56% of social networking users spend their time on social sites to spy on their partners. Brazilians in social media have the highest online friends with an average of 481 friends per user whereas the Japanese have the least average of friends at 29. Chinese users prefer to spend more than five hours a week shopping online.

Around the internet, Google receives more than 1 billion search queries per day and 4 billion views per day on vide sharing sites such as YouTube. Every minute, more than 60 hours of video content is uploaded on Google. Twitter sees more than 250 million tweets per day while Facebook sees more than 800 million updates per day.

Trends Online

The highest growing trend seen online is location based services being sought out as well as users seeking timeshifted TV. Following closely behind is the use of internet banking. The least growing trend are professionally created videos, user created videos, and live internet videos.

With the continued rise in popularity for mobile devices, it is safe to say that the global online population will continue to rise year by year. Nearly a third of the globe even accesses the internet, leaving much room for growth as the spread of internet accessibility continues. The current trends and behaviors demonstrate the desire and needs that online users have for going online.

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