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The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Twitter


You may or may not like Twitter. As long as your business is connected to it, that doesn’t matter. Everybody tweets, and everybody has money you’d prefer they spent on you, your product or your service. SO here’s some advice on connecting your business to the wonderful world of Twitter tweets and tidbits, brought you by your friends at Render Positive.

See Who is Connected to You

On Twitter’s home page you’ll have the options of “connecting” to see who has mentioned you, who is following you and also to view a timeline that shows tweets in the order that they are posted, sort of like a simple version of Facebook. And in the same way Facebook will show a suggested list of people you might want to follow or friend, Twitter will suggest “who to follow.”

Following more people will get more people to follow you. You compose a tweet just by clicking that option and tying a blurb of 140 character or less, and use a tweet to announce the release of a longer publication on your website.

Present Your Image

Your Twiiter profile is one you can design around the image you want to present. The idea is to make it positive eye-catching and memorable so you make the best possible impression. Twitter is all about short and sweet; over 90% of consumers seek discounts and promos from businesses on Twitter. The quest for free stuff is a close second at 88%, followed by folks seeking entertainment, sales and exclusive content-i.e. discounts offered exclusively to Twitter followers.

Gain Feedback

Twitter, therefore, is a great place to allow people to make purchases and to offer quick and important feedback. It allows employees on the job to help manage your PR by answering negative feedback on the house iPad and you can give them scripted answers to have on hand to address more typical gripes. People who give short gripes are prepared for short answers, which let you be powerful and to the point when cleaning a situation up

Twitter Handle Importance

How you handle more serious, negative tweets, as well as positive feedback will determine the nature of twitter traffic about your business. Your @username becomes a quick-connect to markets and to specific consumers. Simply place you @username on websites, stationery, business cards and anywhere else people can see it at a glance. Once it’s loaded in, you’re connected to their networks, just like a Facebook friend network, but everything is short and sweet.

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