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The Ultimate Slideshare Cheat Sheet


There are many different online communities that you can be a part of and use to your advantage, but few are quite as impact as Slideshare. Getting the most out of the largest business content community is easy if you follow a few tips. Here are the key takeaways from this info graphic.

1) Follow the Numbers
You should always let the data be your guide. Slideshare offers analytics tools that are actually really easy to use. There is a dashboard that offers many different analytics options that you can choose from. You can breakdown all the data that exists by looking into the reports. These analytics reports offer insight that can be really helpful. You can determine trends and dissect traffic sources.

2) Brand
It is also possible to use this business content community to increase brand awareness. All you have to do to create a brand Slideshare page is choose a theme. There are a number of different options that you can choose from and you can even select different colors based on your preferences. It is even possible to add images to your branded page that are connected to your business.

3) Get Action
A call to action is always the key component that you can’t afford to forget about. You can make call to actions really easy on Slideshare by actually embedding them into the website. All you have to do is embed a link in your website that has been specifically created to increase conversion rates. Getting leads can be made simple if you take the time to start by embedding links. This is how you can make your call to actions most effective.

4) Documents
It is also possible to use Slideshare as a way to make documents more accessible. All o your marketing efforts have the ability to go further if you take the time to upload documents on your Slideshare site. Uploading PDF files and other documents is easy and can really help to make a difference.

5) Don’t Forget to Explore
Another really cool tool that can be found on Slideshare is the “explore” option. This will enable you to you can search based on topics. You have the ability to search through unlimited Slideshare topics by narrowing them down based on topics of interest.

Using Slideshare doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming if you know where to begin and you know what options you should be using.

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