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The Ultimate Dress Shoes for Men Guide


Selecting The Perfect Shoes And Socks For Men

Choosing the right shoes and socks for men has become more complex for men or for the women that love them. The idea is to look great but feel comfortable in your shoes all day long because poor fitting shoes are not only uncomfortable but can cause severe foot problems that can last a life time.

Make The Right Choice
You want to select a style of shoe that fits you, your personality, and sense of style. Shoes must fit properly. This is why it is most important to try shoes on before you buy them. Even if you order from the internet you need to be sure the company that you order from has a try it before you buy it guarantee that includes returns at no cost to you before you actually pay for the shoes.

Make Sure They Fit
You should always try shoes on. You must walk around in the shoes for several minutes and bend down, stand on the tips of your toes, lean back on your heels, and make sure you do not feel any rubs that are constant that indicate a poor fit and potential blisters or calluses.

Check Your Toes
You should always make sure the toes lie flat, the heels are snug but not too tight and neither too loose, and be sure the balls of you feet fit comfortably into the widest part of the shoe.

Follow Proper Care Instructions
Shoes are becoming more expensive and should be viewed as an investment. Proper care includes cleaning and conditioning. Leather shoes should be waxed in the evening and polished the next day. Leather boots that are worn outdoors need saddle soap cleaning and the application of water repellent depending on how often the boots are used.

Resole and Save Money
Cloth shoes, sneakers, and canvas shoes should be washed by hand with a gentle soap that is guaranteed not to cause the color to fade. Resole your shoes as needed because the upper can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Socks are important as a style statement and to protect your feet and shoes as well. White socks go with sport shoes. Match your choice of socks to go with the color of your pants. Simple plain socks are best for dress wear. Do not wear socks with sandals or boat shoes or with shorts. Socks are needed in the gym or when running even if you are wearing shorts. Gaudy and funny socks are for home or a group occasion where everyone wears the same socks.

Men’s shoes come in four basic styles – dress, casual, athletic, and boots.

Different Occasions

Dress shoes are for work and formal events and include Oxfords, Derby, and slip on styles. More casual shoes include boat shoes, sandals, saddle shoes, chunky leather shoes that look like boots but are not designed for outdoor use, and slip on shoes. Athletic shoes are canvas, gym shoes, and tennis shoes. Athletic shoes usually have laces and come in high top and low top designs. Boot styles include casual boots, work boots, walking boots, and casual boots. Boots usually have a sturdy large rubber or leather sole because they get a lot of use and punishment. Formal boots can include some styles of Cowboy boots.

Color selection is important in shoes for men. Most formal and dress shoes come in brown, black, and a variety of other colors. Casual shoes and athletic shoes can be had in a large variety of colors and color styles. The thing to remember about shoe color is to match the color to your clothes and activity. Brown and black shoes are a must for business and formal occasions like weddings. White shoes are usually summer wear.

Shoes do not make the man but your shoes make the impression of the man you want to project. Taking the time to select the right fit, the right color socks, and the right shoe for the right occasion help you make the perfect impression in business, friendships, and with your wife or girlfriend.

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