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The Right Way to Fire an Employee


Firing someone is not only an uncomfortable situation to be in, but it might also put you smack dab in the middle of a lawsuit. Being the boss comes with its advantages, but firing employees is one of the worst parts of the job. If you want to fire someone and avoid the unfortunate action of being sued, make sure you follow these simple steps.

Make Sure They Know It Is Coming

If you are looking to fire an employee, you do not want them to be completely caught off guard. It is essential that your past feedback shared with your employee shows your dissatisfaction. You need to make sure that recent reviews are not positive and that they are aware that their performance is not up to par. The warning is the most effective way to protect against a lawsuit. You need to tell them exactly what the issue is and how they can correct it. Giving them a short time frame to make adjustments is the best action to take. However, let them know that being fired is the next action you will take if needed.

Be Direct

It is not just good enough to tell an employee what they are doing wrong. You also need to inform them how exactly they can make a change. This might mean offering a list of behaviors that are not acceptable in the workplace. This show that you gave them every chance to correct their mistakes. If you are direct there can be no confusion in the future.

Fire on a Monday

It is always a good idea to fire an employee at the beginning of the week. This will lessen the amount of time that they have to mope and keep them from stewing the entire weekend. When you tell them that they are fired, it is essential that you say the word “termination” aloud. You have to make it known when they should be out of the office and the exact reason why they are being fired. Do not beat around the bush. You have to make it clear and show them how you tried to give them a chance to make a change. Be sure that the severance package is fully understood by the past employee and tell them what you will say to any future employer that calls for a reference.

Firing someone is never fun, but it is more manageable and fair with these helpful tips.

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