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The Psychology of Logo Color and Font Style


The Meaning of Color and Font with Branding

Color research is fascinating. We are surrounded by color, but unless we’ve gone without it for a while, we take it for granted. When it comes to business marketing, color, and to a lesser extent font, can go a long way to creating a distinguished brand. Think about it. Casinos are specifically designed with color research in mind, to create an atmosphere conducive to spending money.

So, let look at color and font research to see what it could mean for your brand.

The Influence of Colors

Colors can have many meanings both alone and when paired up. Depending on what your business is about, a color may either be perfect or terrible.

Yellow: Yellow is frequently used to grab your attention. It stands out, is bold, and is frequently used. However, being so bold, people can find it repulsive and even ignore it. Common yellow brands include McDonalds and Subway.

Orange: Where yellow is designed to get your attention, orange works to call you to action. It sticks out with less intensity then yellow, and is frequently used to make a statement or signify importance. Popular orange companies include Bing.

Red: Red is often used to convey a sense of urgency. It increases the heart rate, and can be used for competitive companies or even sports teams.

Pink: Often used for soft or delicate things, pink conveys a sense of delicacy and femininity to products.

Blue: Blue is most frequently used, because it in part relays trust and security.

Green: Like Blue green is often used and is very easy on the eyes. These less active colors convey a cool confidence.

Black: Black is often used to create a sense of power and sophistication. As a result, it is often used by banks and other established institutions.


Like colors, fonts work to create a unique experience when viewing them. By finding the right font for your brand, you convey a lot with only a few simple characters.

Serif: Serif is frequently used because it represents a set of fonts well known, including Times new roman and Georgia. Being tied to writing, it is considered dependable.

Sans Serif: Comprising one of the fonts of Internet protocol, Sans Serif is widespread and seemingly unbiased.

Slab Serif: Comprising a less known series of fonts, slab serif is frequently used to create a bold and up to date profile for branding.

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