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The Productivity Benefits of Coffee


For many people, their daily routine consists of making coffee in the morning, as this drink usually provides that extra energy boost that we all long for in the morning, whether it be school, work, or other daily routines. While certainly not everyone drinks coffee, America is made up of those who usually do, according to statistics brain.com, as much as 54% of the US population drinks coffee. Their may be even more that drink, however, as this percent is accurate as of July 2014, and the only age group was those over 18 years of age.

While coffee sends that extra boost to some, it may no longer work for many, as they will usually build a tolerance to the drug of caffeine. So the question remains, however, will drinking coffee make you more focused at work, or is it just a waste of time and money? Here are some key facts to remember from this infographic.

1) Know Your Job.
Your success with caffeine will be dependent largely on the type of job you have, so it is important you realize this before you try to drink coffee. Those who have creative based jobs, like advertising, usually will not benefit from coffee as caffeine does not make you smarter or more creative, but instead it makes you quicker. So for those who have respondent jobs, or they are in the data entry department, they usually benefit most from caffeine consumption, not for those who have to be creative.

2) Know The “Peaks.”
Caffeine usually takes about 15 minutes to get into the bloodstream, so keep this in mind when you are wolfing down coffee. While you may not recognize the “boost” after a couple minutes, you should avoid reaching for another cup, as too much caffeine could be damaging to your body. Caffeine usually lasts about 5-6 hours also, but this is dependent on the individual, as some have built a better “tolerance” for caffeine, so their “crash” times differentiate.

3) How Long Will It Last?.
For many, caffeine is a miracle drug, as it provides a short lived boost without making the heart go into hyperdrive. For some, however, caffeine is a waste of time for many reasons. For one, those who smoke regularly will find their caffeine boost short lived, as caffeine will live the system much quicker when people light up.

This is also true for those who regularly drink massive amounts of coffee, so for those people other remedies may be more befitting. Those who will experience the fullness of caffeine are those who are on birth control, and those who rarely, if ever, drink coffee.

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