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The Most Effective Call-to-Action Buttons and Design


Calls To Action That Convert Into Dollars

Calls-to action (CTA) are the short and direct sentence that gets customers and new clients to react to your internet sales campaign, web site, and social media posts, and is the major influencer in getting more business and more money.

The following analysis was developed by Impact Branding and Design based on web sites, ad campaigns, and social media advertising using call-to-action statements that generated 100,000 or more views.

Basics of Call to Action Statements

The basics of call-to-action statements are placement on the page, content, and visuals. A click through rate (CTR) is the measure of the number of people that clicked on the call-to-action statement or presentation and is a proper and interpretive indicator of your increased sales.

What a Low CTR Means

A low CTR indicates you need to make changes so that your presentation in whatever media that you are using generates more response and more income.

Placement of you call-to-action statement is the top draw to website and social media. The data for sites that get 300,000 views or more indicate that placement at the bottom left of your page has a higher conversion rate (people respond and buy) than placement at the top of the page (like a banner) or on the right hand side of the page.

Consider this like you would a Google search results page. The ads at the top get more traffic, the ad at the bottom right gets the most response, and the ads in the right hand column get the least traffic.

Call-to-action statements at the bottom of the page get more than five times the CTR of other placements and 20 percent higher conversion rates.

Content in a CTA is the response promoter in your ad or question. Research shows that 80 percent of the most responded to CTAs had more than ten words. Most “experts” claim brevity is the sole of profit but the research indicates more people respond to high levels of information in your CTA.

Questions that Produce the Most CTR

The questions that produce the highest CTR include the words “sales”, “marketing”, “leads”, “prospects”, “social media marketing”, and “free”. Button text with these words produces a higher rate of response also.

Visual Impact of CTR

Visual impact is your major attention producer that results in higher CTR.

Research shows that a banner type display with a call-to-action statement that announces the benefits of your offering and a button to click on produces more than twice the response of a simple announcement of the name of your product, book, or cause.

Think About Color

Color is very important in attracting the eye of potential responders. Colors should be consistent with the brand and most often should be the same or similar to the colors on your logo if you have one is the common recommendation.

Research does indicate that the use of brighter colors like orange and green produce twice the CTR that colors that are the same as your logo. People respond more to a certain set of colors because they are made that way. The right color adds CTR to your CTA.

The common expert opinions about successful branding and increasing your CTR as well as responses to a CTA are not as successful as you may have been led to believe.

The right choice of CTA location on the page, the right question with the right number of the right words, and a judicious selection of color can double or triple your CTR and increase your sales, profit, or response to a call-to-action statement in your presentation.

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