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The Evolution of Search Optimization


Today, everyone knows what a search engine is, at least everyone who has access to internet. A massive majority of internet users also know what SEO or search engine optimization is. Every marketer, regardless of the niche he or she specializes in, knows the significance of SEO. Most web designing companies are offering search engine optimization services. Businesses across industries, regardless of their size and target audience, are trying to use search engine optimization to increase sales, to sustain profitability and to grow. While search engines and SEO have become integral to most of our lives today, the two have been in the making for a long time.

The bedrock of search engines was laid when internet was made available to the public. The bedrock of search engine optimization or SEO was laid when two Stanford graduates came up with a site named Yahoo! The site may have become a tad redundant today but the contributions of Jerry Yang and David Filo cannot be forgotten, ever.

The evolution of search engines is a wonderful story and it reflects the evolution of technology and increasing availability of information. Today, almost everything in the world is known or can be known by the virtue of internet and facilitated by search engines. Anyone with access to internet can find out anything about any place, government, culture, history, society or academic subjects as well. This day has had contributions of many people, especially those behind Google, MSN which was later Live and is now Bing, Yahoo and the innumerable people who have worked on numerous open source programs.

In the info-graphic, The Evolution of Search Engines & SEO, you will get to explore the timeline and the significant developments that lead to one success after another, albeit there were some failures too.

Knowing how the internet shaped up, how search engines came into existence and what made search engine optimization necessary and how the entire virtual world has been tweaked, upgraded and amended entirely in some cases to become what it is today will allow you to be aware of what the virtual world can do, can be used for and what the future is. In the same account of the evolution of search engines and SEO, you will get to know of the evolution of spam, different algorithms and how quality, uniqueness and originality have become the cornerstones in the world of search engines and SEO.

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