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The Books that Inspired the Rich and Famous


The original source of this infographic is bid4papers.com.

Reading is one of the best habits that you can develop in your life. Once reading becomes a practice or a habit for you, a passion that you cannot do without, then you are heading for a more fulfilling life. Reading can open up your mind to a whole new world. It can educate you, enlighten you, entice you, entertain you and can leave you satiated and craving for more at the same time. There is a popular saying that if you wish to be a better man or woman then you must read.

But reading also has some distinctions which can be drawn up based on what you are reading. A person can read good books and inculcate the teaching or the lessons imparted in the book. A person can read poor books or books that don’t offer any useful lesson, information or advice. It is the former that counts which is also why you are what you read.

Books that enlighten you, give you advice which are worthwhile and can be used in life, books that offer you knowledge which otherwise wouldn’t have been acquired by you, stories that move you, real stories that make you a better person, histories that can show you the way to the future and tips on how you can groom yourself for a life that you want are what you should be looking at when choosing books.

Bookshelves Of Famous People offer you a glimpse into what the successful, mighty and wealthy read. In many ways, books contribute to your personality development, to honing of your skills and how your psychology shapes up over time. The mindset, one’s beliefs, principles and approaches to life can be altered by books and that is why the quality of books or the types of books that one reads becomes very important. In many ways, books are reflective of who one is and one is reflective of the type of books one reads.

This info-graphic will introduce you to the bookshelves of George R.R. Martin, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Sheldon Cooper, John Lennon, Richard Branson, Stephen King, Bill Clinton, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Anthony Hopkins, Margaret Thatcher, Joey Tribbiani, Queen Victoria, John F Kennedy, Einstein, David Bowie, Ernest Hemingway and Dwight Schrute.

Books alone don’t make men or women who they are but they can contribute significantly.

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