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The Best Travel Preparation Checklist

Travel Preparation Checklist

How To Prepare For A Stress-Free Flight

Although flying is the most popular, convenient, and fastest way to travel over long distances, flying isn’t necessarily the most comfortable experience. Let’s take a look at a few steps that could be taken before, during, and after your flight to ensure you have a safe stress-free experience.

Proper Preparation Beforehand

How could you prepare prior to your flight? Begin by knowing exactly what to pack. Be sure to bring a travel size sanitizer since planes are full of numerous people with a lot of germs. You should also bring powdered drink mix to stay hydrated such as Emergen-C and Vitamin C to help boost your immune system. In addition, bring your own filtered water bottle as well as high quality protein bars or trail mix. A comfortable neck pillow is great especially if its lavender scented. Lavender aids in relaxation.

Remember Your Comfort

If your flight is rather lengthy bring slippers for additional comfort and a sleep mask so you can rest during the flight. Make sure you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. The more layers the better as climate and temperature will vary. Remember to avoid wearing tight socks as they restrict your circulation to your lower legs and feet.

Preparing to Fly

How to prepare yourself for flying? Since 20% of airline travelers tend to catch what is referred to as the common cold, a few days before your flight make sure you take vitamin C and B-complex vitamins in an effort to heighten your immune system. If you’re taking a long flight or have a connecting flight then it is essential to eat a meal consisting of lean protein, whole grains, and water-rich fruits and vegetables. A healthy meal prior to flying will keep you fuller and definitely more hydrated.

Think About Your Health

While flying you should certainly take the necessary steps to maintain good health and remain comfortable. If at all possible, choose a seat with more leg room which is typically found at the front and the rear of your section. In an effort to promote circulation on long flights you should walk through the aisles and to the bathroom just to keep your blood circulating properly.

Use your travel size hand sanitizer to clean your armrest as well as your seat belt. Make sure you drink only from your filtered water bottle as some planes have water that is contaminated with bacteria coliform and E. coli. Stay hydrated during your flight. Since airplanes are exceptionally dry, the humidity tends to lead to rapid dehydration.

Once your flight is over you should make sure you drink a lot of water to help replenish your body. Wear loose fitting clothing to increase circulation following your flight.

By following these steps you will safeguard a great journey via airplane.

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