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The Best Times and Days to Send Emails


Email can be a great way for you to communicate. It is fast, easy and is a way that you can talk directly to consumers. However, there is an art to creating the perfect email. Not only do you need to consider the content that is within the email, but you also need to be sure that you send your email at the right time. The time that you choose to send your email can make big impact on if it is read of if it is replied to. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Day
The day that is best for you to send emails is not always easy to pinpoint. It depends on who you are sending your email to. This means that the day in which you send your email will change based on if it is business or personal email. In most cases, a weekday is ideal. This is a day at most people choose to open emails. Weekends are days where some people choose to open no emails at all. This means that by the data, you are best if you choose to send an email on a Tuesday. It is not the first day of the week, but it is also not at the end of week. This means that an email sent on a Tuesday has the best chance of being opened.

2) Morning
If you want your email to have the chance of being clicked on, it it best to send it in the morning. These are the emails that are the most often seen. You do not have to send your email first thing in the morning, but you do want to end it fairly early if you want it to have the best chance of being clicked. The time that is most ideal is 10:00 am. This is the time that you should look to send an email that will be clicked and replied to. Just be sure that you send on a weekday, if you send an email at 10 am on a weekend day, it will most likely not be seen.

You just need to consider who you are sending your email to and if you are only looking for a click or if you also need a response. This will change the time and day that you choose to send the email based on your audience.

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