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The Best Color for Hyperlinks


You might not realize it but colors are more than visually appealing, they actually have a powerful influence over your brain. This psychological hold can be used to entice consumers and increase sales. Understanding the appeal and control that colors have can be harnessed and used as a selling tool.

The Statistics Tell The Story

The numbers do not lie in regards to the amount of influence that colors have over many purchaser’s decisions. Almost 93% of shoppers confirm that the actual look of any item is the number one most influencing factor over everything else. Many studies also show that the visual look of something can make a tremendous impact on a buyer within 90 seconds. This means that the color of any item can persuade or dissuade a buyer in less than 2 minutes. This quick assessment is based completely on color, which means that color holds a lot of power. For example, about two thirds of the individuals interviewed for this survey revealed that they will not purchase an appliance unless it comes in a color that they desire.

Actual Evidence

To prove that color makes a difference, some companies put this theory to the test. Performable changed their Call To Action button to red from green and noticed an immediate increase in use of about 21%. Heinz took advantage of the power of color to increase sales and make an impression. They switched the color of their signature ketchup from red to green and earned more than 23 million in sales. This was a very lucrative 7 months for Heinz and the only change was the color of the ketchup, because taste was not altered at all.

How Do You Use The Power of Color For Good

Applying the power of color to your marketing approach is simple if you know what colors are most appealing. For women, it has been found that blue, purple and green are the most effective colors. Men are most enticed by shades of blue, green and black. Women have been found to respond negatively to orange, brown and grey, but men are not fond of brown, orange and purple. Keeping these color preferences in mind can have a profound impact on sales. We might not fully understand why color matters so much, but the fact remains that it has an abundance of power of consumer decisions.

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