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The ADDIE Model Template Diagram with Examples

The ADDIE Model Template Diagram with Examples

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Breaking Down The Addie Model

As the premiere Instructional Systems Designs model, the Addie model is designed to make the process of obtaining information and skills better organized and attractive. The process helps the teacher-student relationship more thorough. With the ADDIE model, instructors have a basis for their training methods. There are a total of five phases in this model.

Phase 1: Analysis

The analysis phase consists of identify who will be taught the information and how best to teach them. Figuring out how long the project will take and what the preferred outcome will be, is determined. Where the training will take place and what tools will be needed to reach the particular goals are assessed. This is also where any potential costs, level of training needed and any other preliminary details that need to be addressed.

Phase 2: Design

In the design phase, the plan is mapped out and the practice stages begin. Here, there will be a review of the original analysis to confirm the specifics. This is where the desired results of each segment will be decided. The manner in which information will be collected, how it will be reported and who will be involved in each role will be chosen. Any visual support for the project will be made here.

Phase 3: Development

In the development phase, any tools, material and supporting items from the design phase are set up. This is the time for getting everyone who is needed for the project in their correct places, preparing them and creating schedules. The lesson plans for the group of students will be picked, and any time guidelines will be selected. Coaches will be prepared for their tasks.

Phase 4: Implementation

This phase involves the actual application of all of the previous phases. The training begins and all of the learning materials are used in their appropriate settings. The students and the teachers perform their individual assignments in the set location. This is the culmination of the research, planning and development.

Phase 5: Evaluation

The evaluation phase will include a review of how all of the previous phases went. Getting reactions from the participants and evaluating the effectiveness of the entire process is done here. Determining if the project was effective and if area could be improved on will be discussed. The results should be examined to see who did well, who did not and what can be changed. The data collected from the entire process will be very useful to making improvements.

The ADDIE model has provided a solid foundation for training people for decades. This model makes it easy to determine what areas of a particular session need improvements. It also makes data collection more effective and organized. Used by those who want good training programs, including the U.S. military, the ADDIE model is a go-to source for getting started.

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