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The 8 Most Haunted Places in America


The Most Haunted Cities In America

Most people start to visit haunted houses just short of the infamous scary holiday of Halloween. However, people would like to know the best places to visit throughout the country, especially since paranormal activities is on the rise world-wide.

1. Gettysburg

Gettysburg is by far the bloodiest battle in the history of the civil war. Dismembered bodies decorated the battlefield with extreme measures, which causes some of the lurking ghost to scream and haunt the field. When the battle was over in the most haunted city in America, the dead outnumbered the living twenty to one. The bloody battle leaves visitors with the question of how many ghost actually haunt the large field where the dead were left to decay for weeks and months.

2. Savannah

Savannah is a relatively small town in Georgia which appeals to its habitants and visitors for its southern charm. The southern hospitality is intensely out-weighed by the lingering ghosts that have haunted the town for centuries. The infamous sorrel-house and countless cemeteries that cover the town’s landscape are the main attractions whenever there are visitors in the town. In fact almost seven million people visit the town annually and over half of that number takes a ghost tour.

3. New Orleans

New Orleans is another southern town that is extremely haunted. Historians have said that the famous jazz town was created on a swamp that the local Native Americans used as a sacred burial ground. A large museum has been haunted for many decades and voodoo used to be intensely practiced which killed people that led to several hauntings of the southern city.

4. Key West

When tourists think of Key West Florida they usually think of stretched out beaches that decorate different postcards that attract different people to the city. There is at least a four mile stretch that includes haunted hotels that have notorious known hauntings. The Key West cemetery is an infamous haunted place that also attracts numerous tourists from paranormal sightings.

5. Salem

One of the few haunted cities in the north that are haunted is Salem, Ma. Centuries ago the town was notoriously known for the witches that were burned alive. The religious intolerance was the main reason why this terrible crime happened, that unfortunately led to hundreds of years of hauntings that occurred in the old city of Salem. Also the Howard street burying ground is also a known haunting spot that does attract tourists from all around the world that are interested in paranormal activity.

6. Galveston

The Texas town of Galveston is also known to have a haunted cemetery that frightens the town’s inhabitants and tourists whenever they are visited. Another reason why people believe that the town is haunted it because of the hurricane of 1900 which killed over six thousand people unexpectedly.

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