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The 34 Companies that Control the World


When it comes to corporations, you probably know the biggest and most profitable brands. However, are you aware that only a few select corporations actually control most of the market shares and the media? This means that only a select few corporations are the big power players today.

Check out the most profitable and powerful corporations to see which ones you support:


You might think that with so many banks in existence throughout the world that wealth is shared pretty evenly. You would be incredibly wrong in this line of thinking. Did you know that all of the largest banks in the world combine to have a wealth of $25 trillion? This is a huge portion of the total wealth that exists today and is enough to fill everyone’s bank account with more than $3000.00. The most powerful and lucrative banks include ICBC, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas.

Who Controls The Media?

You might think that with so many different media corporations that no one has a large share of eth control, but think again. Comcast is the leader when it comes to media and owns known brands including NBC, E!, Xfinity and the MLB Network. Comcast has a revenue that is about $62,5 billion and earns more than $6 billion in profits. Other leading media corporations include Time Warner, Walt Disney Company and Viacom. Each of these corporations earns more than $2 billion in profits each year. When it come to the media, the playing field is not level at all.

Food and Beverage Corporations

Did you now that many famous food brands are actually owned by even more powerful corporations. For example, under the PepsiCo umbrella exists Quaker, Aquafina, Lays, Starbucks, Cheetos and Lipton. Many of these brands are every well-known, but they are all owned under PepsiCo. Tyson is the same type of powerful food corporation and has a hold on the chicken market. Tyson supplies chicken to Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Kroger and Walmart. Nestle is a powerful corporation that has a cornerstone in food markets including water, ice cream, pet food and candy.


Oil is another market where an uneven dispersion of power and wealth can be seen. Saudi Aramco, Gazprom, NIOC, Exxon Mobil and Petro China have strong control of all oil-related wealth.

A few select corporations in the world control the majority of the wealth and really have the power.

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