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The 10 Vital Slides of a Pitch Deck


The key highlights of this infographic are listed below…

1) Keep it Short and Sweet.
The best part of a pitch is that it is short and to the point. Creating a fantastic pitch requires getting all of the necessary information in without it dragging on for too long. That being said, a pitch can be done in as little as 10 slides if you keep to the basics and focus on exactly what a potential investor will want to hear. Remember as a rule of thumb that the less slides you have the more compelling your argument will be.

2) Set Up the Business Model.
As with any pitch, begin with a problem. Being the problem that your business will address, you can being positioning yourself as the opportunity to solve this problem. In addition, consider explaining how your company will solve this problem, and why your company is better suited then any currently existing competition. As a final part of setting up your business model, consider discussing briefly the underlying framework you are using when starting your business. Sharing the secret to your success will make people feel like they are already a part of something special.

3) Drive Home Your Business Model.
Now that you have set up the premise for your business, drive it home with a solid business model. Along with explaining how you will market your product to your target consumer, you can also include information on what other companies are currently doing. Along with showing a potential investor that you have a firm grasp of the market mechanics, you can also use this as an opportunity to show how your technique will succeed where other companies have failed.

4) End with the Details of Your Plan.
With the primary point of your pitch out of the way, all that is left is for you to shore up the foundation and drive home your primary message. The best way to do this is elaborate on your business team. Along with discussing the variety of skills your team provides, you can make a point that both the foundation and builders of this business are capable of making the business work. In addition, provide some financial projections regarding where you and your team will realistically believe you are in the future. As always, end your pitch with where you and your company currently are. Along with information regarding the timelines and how funds will be used, you can use this to stress the primary point that with just a little bit more financial help, you can make this business profitable and successful.

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