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Ten B2B Blogging Techniques for Increasing Leads


At a time when every company has a blog and there is a fierce fight in all types of content, your blog needs to really standout should you want to generate some leads. Generating B2B leads is much more difficult than acquiring consumer leads but it could get simpler and also easier if you hit the right buttons. You need to understand that only a few factors matter in a business blog. Unlike the consumer market, a B2B market is not that diverse and there are only a few things that entrepreneurs, business owners or managers look for. Here are five tips to help you generate more B2B leads through your blog with key points from the above infographic.

1) Headlines Matter.
Headline decides whether someone would read a piece or not. Headline decides whether someone would check an email or not. It is the headline that sets the ball rolling. Without a captivating headline, no content can gain traction. It may contain the most precious piece of advice or information for a business and yet not many would check it out if their curiosity is not fueled by the headline. Work on a great headline and you would naturally pull in your prospective leads to reading your content, which is the first step for someone eventually signing up as a lead.

2) Educate Your Readers or Prospective Audience.
There is no greater crime in content marketing or lead generation than to present something to your audience that isn’t helpful, informative, educative or enlightening. You need to add some value to your targeted clients’ businesses through your blog.

3) Have Something to Say…
It doesn’t have to be anything in general, but an opinion or a standpoint. You must have a message in your content. Every blog post you come up with should have a message, a very clear one that says, asks or recommends the reader to do something. If there isn’t a message, then the content is just a blurb floating in the virtual world without purpose and that can never help you with lead generation.

4) Establish Authority.
You may not be the market leader in terms of sales or revenue in an industry but that doesn’t mean you cannot know everything or something better than others in the given industry. When you establish authority and people realize you know what you are talking about or blogging, they will listen to you.

5) Eyes Are a Gateway to the Mind.
Work on the visual appeal of the blog. From being mobile friendly to having unique images and videos, cater to the visual senses of your reader.

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