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Stella and Dot Business Model and Marketing Strategy

Being able to work from home is a dream for many people. A home-based business or telecommuting allows people to set their own hours, have time for their family, and not have to worry about the grind of a daily commute. The Stella and Dot business model combines these two home-based opportunities to earn money by combining them with aspects of the multi-level marketing industry as well to create a unique type of business.

With Stella and Dot, entrepreneurs will begin to set up their own at-home business. They can sign up for as little as $199 and receive free accessories to help their business get started. Up to 35% commission can be earned on sales and products can be sold in a wide variety of ways. Home-based parties are a popular option. About $200 in sales is earned per party with Stella and Dot, which means about $200 in swag for the hostess.

Stella and Dot Encourages Women to Own Their Sales

At the core of the Stella and Dot business model is the ability to create a sale. The brand is geared toward primarily women and encourages them to sell their “style” to others in whatever way makes them comfortable. For some women, that means taking their products and putting them online so they can easily be shared. Others may take a door-to-door approach.

The company makes their money based on the products you purchase to sell to others in addition to the buy-in. This means they ultimately don’t care how much you can sell because they’re making the money from your orders. Sample styles are just as profitable as a sale that you can make.

The advantage to the entrepreneur is that they set their own hours and how they represent the jewelry. The advantage to Stella and Dot is that they get to make money right away and every sale allows them to expand their brand recognition.

Downstream Income Happens At Stella and Dot

Unlike other MLM opportunities, Stella and Dot don’t require sellers to begin a downstream team. The benefit of doing so, however, shouldn’t be ignored. Entrepreneurs can earn up to 18% on their team’s sales in addition to whatever sales commissions they earn from direct sales. The end result is that some top earners at Stella and Dot are clearing $84,000 per month.

For those that don’t want to host trunk shows and make upfront investments, then the online website that is provided by Stella and Dot can help salespeople earn commissions without breaking the budget. Orders can be taken through a representative’s personal website and commissions are earned on the completed sale. Stella and Dot even has a debit card that is issued to representatives that provides them with their earned weekly commissions.

Stella and Dot do not recommend selling online only, but it is not explicitly stated that this cannot be done. They only state that the best way to maximize dollars per hour is to schedule trunk shows so that potential customers can get their hands on the jewelry to see what it looks and feels like. This allows every representative to sell in the way that makes the most sense for them.

The Only Requirement Is For Downstream Entrepreneurs

For those who want to build a team of salespeople, there are sales requirements that must be met to remain in a Sponsor role. There must be one month per quarter where $500 in orders are submitted in order to maintain the downstream income. If that cannot be achieved, then Stella and Dot transfer the downstream to the next qualified person to be a sponsor on the team.
This one primary requirement has helped to build the Stella and Dot business model into a very successful opportunity. They have a $25 billion market opportunity and are an Inc. 500 fastest growing company.

It doesn’t require any experience to join the Stella and Dot team, but knowing how to sell will help entrepreneurs make money. For the business model, the MLM components help Stella and Dot expand into new markets quickly and very affordably. For their salespeople, the independent contractor relationship that is established allows people to work on their own terms. The downstream income is an advantage to those who want to make Stella and Dot more of a full-time opportunity.

Stella and Dot is for those who love jewelry and love to sell. Their business model is based on these two loves to create one very successful home-based opportunity.

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