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Social Media Etiquette for Business


Social media is still evolving. No one knows how social media will shape up in the next five years. It cannot be said for certain that social media will remain as relevant as it is today, since something better can always be in the making. However, it might be safe to infer that social media will be around for a long time and there is no doubt that it is a very powerful medium. The outreach, efficacy, impact and real time traction have made social media an omnipotent tool for everybody.

Understanding Social Media

For whatever time social media has been around, a lot of research, analysis and surveys have been conducted to understand the various facets of the medium. What is good, bad and ugly about social media, which site ranks higher and is better than others, how people use different sites and what the expectations of people as well as companies are from different sites; all have been documented to good measure. As social media evolves further and more sites become omnipresent, there may be some changes to how people use social media, but as of now, there are some dos and don’ts that people should adhere to, more importantly companies that intend to use the platform for their business.

Social Media Etiquette Guide is a very simply but an extremely enlightening guide that can help you to do the right things on various social networks and social media sites. At the same time, you can avoid doing everything that is not desirable after you learn about those from the info-graphic.

Know Your Boundaries

When should you post something on Facebook, how often should you post tweets on Twitter, should you reply or respond to all posts pertaining to your profile and if so then how long should you wait before reposting, how should you interact with other people on social media sites, how many followers should you have or how many should you follow, are there country specific etiquettes and do etiquettes vary according to the audience you are targeting; there are hundreds of questions like these which most social media managers have to wonder about. Whether you are the owner of a business or you manage the social media accounts of your company, you need to get accustomed with the most effective ways to go about using social media.

The associated info-graphic offers you precious information pertaining to the same.

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