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Social Commerce Statistics, Strategies and Examples

Social Commerce Statistics, Strategies and Examples

5 Ways Brands Can Interact with Their Facebook Fans

Many companies nowadays have a Facebook page set up with their company name, logo, and a little information about what they do. Some of them have built a following through network connections or high brand recognition, but are unaware of what they should do with their fans. Listed below are some methods that businesses can utilize to promote themselves and engage with their followers at the same time.

1. Set up a Facebook Store

One out of every thirteen people on Earth is on Facebook. This high amount of reach creates another way to reach more customers and make more sales as well. Promote the opening of your store through social media such as blogs, newsletters, and Twitter and offer special deals and insider tips in exchange for Likes.

2. Give Frequent Updates

Strategize how often and when you should update the status of your brand. This not only gives your fans the pride of feeling included, but it lets them know about special deals and new products as well. According to a report, 77% of fans actually read the posts and offers of their favorite brands in their newsfeeds, which is where Facebook users spend 45% of their time.

3. Give Exceptional Customer Service

Create a positive interactive experience with your fans and customers and make them feel welcome. Ask for input, greet them, and work to establish a relationship. This type of communication will not only make them think positively about your brand, but will encourage them to Like you and recommend your products to their friends.

4. Create Exclusive Deals

Come up with special deals and events that can only be found in your Facebook store to excite your fans and encourage them to shop. According to a report, 77% enjoy receiving exclusive offers and on average will spend up to $85 in a Facebook store.

5. Encourage Purchase Sharing

Direct your fans to promote your brand by encouraging them to share their purchases. According to a survey, 53% of people consider purchasing from a brand if it is recommended to them by a friend.

Social Commerce Revenue Forecast
• 2011 – $5 billion
• 2015 – $30 billion

Companies that use the methods above will ensure more fan activity, discussion, and shares on their Facebook pages. They are a great way to generate customer loyalty or convince potential customers to become more excited about your product or service, resulting in higher sales.

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