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Simplenote vs Evernote

Simplenote is best described as a note-taking application. It offers markdown support, cross-platform apps, and can be accessed through most web browsers.

Evernote is also a cross-platform app that is designed for note-taking. It also offers organization, archiving, lists, and task support.

Both platforms serve the same basic purpose: to allow users to store notes in different media formats so they can be referred to at a later time.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay organized, the Simplenote vs Evernote debate is for you. Here are the key differences between the two platforms to consider.

1. Features and Options

Simplenote is primarily focused on its list support. Users are permitted to record an almost unlimited number of text-based notes on the platform. Once the note has been composed, it can be pinned to the top of a list for immediate access. There are limited font alteration options for note-taking, relying on rich text formatting to complete a note.

Think of Simplenote as a platform that attempts to remove distractions that would stop you from writing a note. There is very little clutter.

Evernote provides the option for text-based notes, but permits audio and photographic notes to be placed alongside the textual notes. Depending on how the note is constructed, some multimedia can be combined into a single note. Evernote also offers a web clipping feature to store content from the internet. Bold, italicized, and colored fonts are also permitted.

Users may be required to navigate through toolbars and menu-based options to access features, but following the learning curve of Evernote may find themselves becoming more productive at a steady pace.

2. Syncing

Simplenote does not offer users a native web client. It utilizes Notational Velocity, an open-source client for Mac platforms, to perform syncing operations.

Evernote has a proprietary web client for Windows and Apple users. Apps can be used to create databases for contacts, preserving recipes or dining experiences, and increasing the readability of online content. Evernote even offers an app called Peek that can be used to organize personal study notes.

3. Pricing

Simplenote is free. It is provided to users in one basic version and relies on a system of cloud-based storage to utilize its features. To offset their costs, the platform places small advertisements within the user interface that can become annoying for some users who frequently use the platform for note-taking. There are no limits on the number of notes that can be saved while using this platform.

Evernote offers a limited free version, but the best features and options come with their paid premium plans. The free version has restrictions on uploads and limits feature access, such as searching a PDF. Premium versions of Evernote are priced between $5-$45 per month. If the free plan is being used, then a 40MB monthly upload restriction is imposed.

4. Operating Systems

Both Simplenote and Evernote run on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android systems.

Simplenote is made by the same company behind WordPress, which does give it a couple of very useful options. Users can scroll through multiple versions of their note to chart progression if they wish. It is also possible to publish to the internet directly from the platform with a single click. That means you can focus on writing and not worry about whether you saved your version or not because it autosaves as you work.

Evernote offers some advantages here as well. You can add images to notes, merge multiple notes into a single note, and clip content that can be stored as a note. It may not have the limitless option for all operating systems that Simplenote does, but it does offer users on almost any O/S multiple note-taking options so organization is simple and easy.

Simplenote vs Evernote: Which is Better

Simplenote relies on its ease of use and general simplicity to provide an advantageous user experience. It offers an application that runs consistently fast and does not take up much in the way of system resources.

Evernote relies on its additional options for storage and access to provide an advantageous user experience. That does make the platform more complicated to use, but there are options to store more types of data within a note.

Each brings something to the table that can meet your individualized needs. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

Have you used Simplenote and Evernote? What did you think about your experience with these two platforms?

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