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SEO Guide for Content Marketing


The content marketing landscape has become decidedly more complex over the past few years. When you factor in the reality that SEO (search engine optimization) is absolutely crucial for the health of virtually all businesses of all shapes and sizes, the pool of possibilities becomes even deeper.

Successfully marketing your business is no longer as simple as having a webpage and a presence on Facebook. You have to be able to mix content marketing with search engine optimization. This can require a little experimentation and creative thinking, but the right combinations can turn your business from a struggling entity into an overnight juggernaut.

Content Marketing and SEO

Mixing your content marketing with your SEO involves a few simple steps. The first thing you want to do is become aware of your options. As you research the various options within each content marketing category (social networking, video sharing, and so forth), you’re going to find things that suit your interests better than others. You’re going to pick and choose things from each category. You will then mix these things in various capacities to get on the right path to unlocking your content marketing potential. Along the way, you’re going to keep in mind SEO and a few other crucial components.

Here are a few of the content marketing options available to you:

• Social networking: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.
• Video: MetaCafe, Vimeo, Hulu, YouTube, Yahoo Screen, DailyMotion.
• Audio: Yourlisten, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Playlist.net.
• Podcasts: Blubrry, Zune Marketplace, CastRoller, iTunes, Podcast 411.
• Syndication sites: Reddit, Newsvine, Scoop.it, Hacker News, Digg.
• Blog aggregators: Ice Rocket, Regator, BlogHub.
• Document sharing sites: Issuu.com, DocStoc.com.
• Business listing sites: Yelp, Yellowbot, Biznik, LinkedIn, Foursquare.
• EBook subs: Changethis, Ebookjungle, Memoware.
• Paid directories: Business, Yahoo Directory.
• Paid advertisements: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google AdWords.
• Slide sites: SlideRocket, Slideworld, Slideboom.
• Web 2.0: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot.
• Portfolio sites: Krop, Foliohd, Sortfolio.
• Infographic sites: Visual.ly, Reddit, Graphs.net.
• PDF sub sites: DocStoc.com, GetFreeEbooks.com.
• Design galleries: Styleboost, Pagecrush.
• Image sub sites: Twitpic, Imgur, Flickr.
• Press release sites: PR, PR-inside.

These are just a few possibilities.

Keep in mind that you also have SEO tools available for social media management/analysis, keyword analysis, link management, email marketing, keyword rank checker, and much more. Avoid things like link farms, duplicate content, and keyword heavy material. Consider possibilities like turning a blog post into a webinar or turning a post into a video.

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