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Review of the Senior Helpers Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Do you have a passion for helping people? Would you like to start your own business where you can provide care and comfort to people at a moment’s notice? That’s what you’ll be able to do when you start a Senior Helpers franchise! It’s a chance to help shape your future in an industry that will only expand over the next few years as more Baby Boomers retire, age, and need extra levels of help. Senior care is expected to grow by over 56% over the next two decades, which means you’ve got the potential to start a long-term business opportunity right now.

Senior care is one of the most competitive fields there is in the franchising sector right now. It’s only one of two major industries that can provide annual profitability that matches the initial investment in the first year as a whole. Cleaning and maintenance is the only other industry to demonstrate immediate profitability and the senior care industry has nearly doubled the amount of profits for a similar investment amount.

Are you ready to discover what this franchising opportunity could do for you? If you want to help people and bring about an improved level of happiness in life, then Senior Helpers could be the right investment to make! Let’s take a look in more detail below.

What Are the Initial Startup Costs?

The good news is that this investment opportunity is highly affordable, both initially and on a continuing basis. The initial investment required could be as low as $81k, but even the high estimate in the startup range is just $117k. These costs include the franchising fee of $44,500 that is required to get the business up and running. There’s also a 5% ongoing royalty that comes off of your gross sales. In-house financing is available for the franchising fee if necessary and if you qualify for a franchise financially.

As for the financial strength requirements, Senior Helpers does require franchisees to have a minimum net worth of $450k to qualify. There must also be liquid cash on hand of at least $100k. This requirement is designed to help each franchise have the ability to meet their full potential in the initial entry phases. If you qualify financially, you may also be invited to begin multiple franchises in territories that are guaranteed. Each franchise term is for 15 years and the term is renewable for a second term.

It’s the ongoing overhead costs that really drive this opportunity home. Many of your costs are going to be associated with employee payroll, human resources, and other administrative needs you may have. You won’t have to deal with all of the product inventories of the cleaning and maintenance field or need to secure vendors that can supply you with the food products you need like other franchising opportunities do. A Senior Helpers franchise can be run out of a home office if you prefer or from a small executive suite if you wish.

It’s a proven system. It has world class leadership at the helm. It’s been a Top 500 franchise for the last 5 years and it could be the way toward success you’ve been looking to find.

What Kind of Support Do You Receive?

Being in the assistance industry means being in a field of work where most of the feedback you get ends up being the negative kind. It takes a different mental perspective to handle this kind of work and Senior Helpers will make sure that you’re properly trained on how to create the proven system that works so well in this industry. You’ll receive continual training that will help you build your organization and train your own people so that everyone can travel onward and upward.

This results in a dynamic program that works to treat your clients in an individualistic way. You’ll attend orientation classes upon being approved for a franchise and then you’ll get more training at your own location. It includes visits and working days with the staff of the parent company in Baltimore so that you really begin to open your own doors and begin building the Senior Helpers brand in your own community.

Part of an emphasis of having continual training means that you’re always being updated so that you and your staff can keep your skills at their very best every day. With a series of flash tutorials, written content, interactive webinars, and even conference calls will help keep everyone nice and sharp. Each module is geared toward being caregiver-specific so that every skill can be enhanced on an individual level – the most effective level.

Is This the Right Investment Opportunity For You?

The biggest level of growth in this industry is poised to occur in the next 20 years. With 35% growth expected by 2020 and another 32% growth expected in the decade after, a franchise opportunity is poised to be on the fast track toward success in a market that will be booming for some time. If your community doesn’t have an independent senior care organization, the Senior Helpers will make an immediate presence that will give you instant brand recognition.

The real question that needs to be asked is whether you have the ability to handle the sometimes challenging personal care needs that can occur in this industry. Since 2001, this organization has been providing a wide variety of care options, from simple companion care to full-out dementia care for those who suffer from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. It’s a field where burnout is very common and challenges can occur every day.

If you feel like you do have the necessary mindset and skill set to help others in this field, then this is a very affordable and potentially profitable franchising opportunity. Apply today to begin the conversation to see if it could be a great way to create diversity in your investment portfolio.

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