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Review of the Brusters Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Who doesn’t like going out for some ice cream? Even when it’s the dead of winter, you’ll find individuals and families alike venturing out to enjoy ice cream flavors that they can’t get anywhere else. That’s why owning a Bruster’s franchise could be an extremely lucrative opportunity for you – especially if your community is lacking an actual ice cream store. We all scream for ice cream and if you’ve got the only franchise providing this service to your community, there’s a good chance that you’ll have people screaming for Bruster’s!

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Bruster’s Franchise?

The initial investment into the franchise itself is $30,000. Bruster’s does not require their owners to be operators, but they do require that managing employees be competent within the field of industry. Of course experience in marketing, retail sales, or the general food industry is always helpful, but Bruster’s also recognizes that some of today’s most popular brands got started because of dedication and enthusiasm more than actual general experience.

By investing into the Bruster’s name, you’re also given an opportunity to invest into the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs name as well. Adding on this co-branding for your potential franchise is just an addition $7,500 to the initial $30,000 investment you’re making into the Bruster’s name.

The minimum cash liquidity requirements of a Bruster’s franchise is $75,000. If you’re getting a leased location, that requirement may reach as much as $100,000. If you’re planning on running a free standing model as your franchise, a cash liquidity requirement of up to $200,000 may be required for your franchise request to be approved.

What Do You Get With Your Franchise Investment?

The initial benefits of your investment will be seen right away as Bruster’s will send real estate and marketing specialists your way to help you examine all of the locations in your community that are suitable for a storefront. They’ll give you relevant advice on everything from traffic patterns to places where you can bring in brand awareness in simple ways, thereby increasing the foot traffic into your new store. They’ll help you find your preferred locations, assist in the negotiations to secure it, and then help you with the project development side of things.

Bruster’s does not provide any financing opportunities to cover start-up costs, but they do assist in the financing negotiation process to help you secure better sourcing for your financing if that is needed during the initial process. You’ll also get help developing a successful business plan using their tools and models that have been proven time and time again.

What About Training Opportunities?

Bruster’s provides new franchisees with several training opportunities that are all geared to create a successful business. Many of these opportunities occur in a classroom setting and involve learning the best practices that Bruster’s has developed over time. You’ll also received direct training opportunities with in-store settings so you can begin to get the feel of what it is like to really work in a Bruster’s environment. And, just to make sure your franchise gets started off on the right foot, additional coaching is provided to you in your own store during your grand opening celebration.

Why Choose Bruster’s As a Franchise?

Bruster’s, along with their co-branding partner Nathan’s, are focused on integrity above anything else. To that extent, all franchisees are required to complete their due diligence before being able to tour facilities or meet with the executive leadership of the organization. You must pre-qualify in each financial area before being allowed to proceed through the franchising agreement and it is only after you meet with the senior staff that a typical franchise agreement is signed.

Why take all of these steps? Because even though the idea of working under the Bruster’s name seems good on paper, the reality of that work can provide a different perspective. Certain expectations that can’t be communicated through paperwork will become apparent when you tour their Pittsburgh facilities and meet with their executive team and those expectations might not be a good match for your own goals as a franchisee.

Besides – up until you take the tour, Bruster’s is vetting you as a good franchisee. It’s only fair that you’re able to vet them as well. That focus on integrity helps to build a cohesive relationship and that relationship is what ultimately makes a vast majority of franchise owners successful when they choose to run a Bruster’s storefront.

Are You Ready To Start the Franchising Process Today?

Although the financial requirements to obtain a Bruster’s franchise are higher and more extensive than other franchises available on the market today, you’re also getting involved with an organization that has a proven track record of success. Including the Nathan’s co-branding might also make sense, considering the small additional fee, and because of their presence in the competitive eating field, your franchise could end up with lots of free publicity.

Besides that, who doesn’t like ice cream or a sweet treat? Bruster’s offers an extensive menu of cones, sundaes, shakes, and speciality items that can also be sugar-free and dairy-free. This gives you access to niche dietary markets as a franchisee that other opportunities just aren’t able to provide at this moment in time.

Best of all, owning a Bruster’s franchise means that sometimes you can take the party outside of the story. Many franchises offer catering opportunities that give local businesses in the area a chance to break the ice with something nice. From open houses to corporate events, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to partner with local businesses and expand your local presence thanks to the branding of the Bruster’s name!

From the time a franchisee decides to sign the agreement to the time of the grand opening of the store, up to 10 months can elapse. That timeframe doesn’t include the vetting process, which can also be several months. That means the time is now to begin the process of getting your franchise off the ground so that your community can have a new ice cream shop in 2015 and beyond!

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