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Online Usage and Marketing Statistics for Women

Online Usage and Marketing Statistics for Women

How Effectively Do You Reach Women Online?

According to recent data, 80% of the purchasing decisions that are made online on a daily basis are made by women. Despite this massive trend, 90% of women feel like marketers don’t understand them. This disconnect means that businesses are simply not doing a good job of effectively reaching women who are spending time online. By looking at how women are spending their time on the internet, however, an effective marketing campaign can be generated.

Women with Children Account For Almost 4 Million Blogs

Women tend to completely research a business, brand, or product before reaching out to purchase it. Combine that with the 3.9 million blogs that women who have children write and there is a massive network that is available on the internet today that is being under-utilized. Though there is certainly some positive word of mouth marketing going on behind the scenes, many corporations are not actively engaging women who enjoy finding out new tips and strategies about how to cope with the stresses of raising kids. If you can provide a perceived value for your brand to this group of consumers and then deliver on that perception, the potential for success is massive.

Social Gaming Is an Untapped Opportunity

The average social gamer playing online right now is a 43 year old woman. The shift of online gaming has been dynamic as social networking sites like Facebook have introduced games that allow people to play with each other despite being separated by great distances. These games help women feel more in touch with their families and friends while also feel like they had a productive time online, so much so that they share their successes that are achieved. Simply sponsoring a portion of a game can be all it takes to reach more women who are decision makers for their families.

Is Your SEO Optimized For the Female Audience?

Of the 80% of women who describe themselves as purchasers, over 91% of those women utilize search engine results as a means of determining what to purchase. That means if your website isn’t optimized to take advantage of the female demographic, you’re going to lose out on a massive amount of business opportunities. A keyword campaign that is carefully crafted around keywords that are enticing to women is a fantastic way to create organic results. Over 90% of clicks from a search engine result occur in the top 3 listings – if your brand isn’t there, you’re missing out on traffic that is going to a competitor.

Do Your Marketing Efforts to Women Need a Boost?

If women are the driving force of internet purchasing, then it’s common sense to focus a portion of any marketing effort to the female audience. From e-mail marketing to mobile marketing strategies, there are plenty of open spaces for your brand to be able to create a perceived need and an associated immediate action. From unique sales opportunities to exclusive products for only certain customers who have signed up to receive your marketing content, the ability to generate a perceived value is almost endless.

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