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On Page Off Page SEO Checklist


SEO is a never-ending exercise. But that isn’t necessarily bad or undesirable. Production, compliance, accounting, marketing, sales, revenues and profits are also never-ending facets of a business. If a company can get its SEO strategy bang on then the rewards are aplenty. It can be the difference between profit and loss, a viable and an unsustainable enterprise, an unknown company and a brand.

SEO is complicated. Whoever thinks SEO is simple is not aware of the vast demands of the game. If you wish to perfect your SEO strategy, then the first step is to acknowledge the various facets and to get accustomed with them so you can ensure that every element is attended to.

1) The Foundation of SEO is Research.
You need to explore the market and be very well aware of your niche. You need to conduct competitor research, keyword research, data mining or gathering and then you need the webmaster tools to facilitate all of the above. The research will help you to understand how you should approach you SEO strategy, using what and the various metrics will become obvious.

2) Look at On-Page SEO.
This involves optimizing every page. You would need optimized URLs for every webpage, titles or headings targeting the desired keywords, links that would facilitate traffic and optimized content that will make the webpage rank high up on the search engine result pages. You need the website to have a design that makes navigation a breeze. Content alone can provide the impetus that your SEO strategy needs but without the technical backing, it would be half baked.

3) Move to Off-Page SEO.
You need to work on links posted at third party sites, you must have a strategy for brand mentions, you should establish your presence on social media and then link everything on the web to your website. Every activity initiated or responded to or participated in by your company must be interlinked with at least a few interfaces. Eventually, you should be drawing traffic to your website so presence on blogs and forums, discussions and social media mentions, posts you publish and everything you share or like and shed light on will need to have links redirecting people back to your website. These mentions will ensure the necessary off-page SEO that will make search engines to get up and notice your ever expanding presence in the virtual world.

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