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Most Popular Mozilla Firefox Pugins and Addons


Getting To know Add-Ons

It has been discovered that over 3 billion Firefox add-ons are downloaded worldwide. This number exceeds the number of people who use the internet today and it is almost half the world’s population.

With these add-ons, users are able to alter the functionality of Firefox to suit their requirement in a bid to have an improved browsing experience. The performance of Firefox depends on the user. Here are the achievements of Firefox.

• Firefox is the first internet browser to introduce add-ons for both phones and computers.
• Over 80% of the users of this browser have installed the add-ons.
• On the average, 5 add-ons are installed per user.

Statistics has revealed that over 25,000 developers are with add-ons on AMO and there are over 150,000 collections created by users. The most popular categories are listed below:

• Search Tools
• Themes
• Bookmarks
• Privacy & Security

5 Most Popular Add-Ons

1. Firebug
2. No Script
3. Personas Plus
4. Video Download Helper
5. Adblock Plus

You may not be aware, but the looks of Firefox can be customized in an unlimited number of ways.

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