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ModX vs WordPress

If you’re looking for an effective CMS, then two effective solutions that are commonly considered are MODX and WordPress. In the MODX vs WordPress debate, the average person will usually choose the latter because it’s what they’ve heard everyone is using. WordPress is everywhere. About 1 in 8 websites that are launched today use WordPress as their content management system.

WordPress may be popular, but it may not be the best CMS for you. Here is a comparison of MODX and WordPress to consider.

Ease of Use: MODX vs WordPress

MODX is an excellent solution for those who want features that are completely customized. It is also the best solution for those who need to get something more than anything that is standard from their website. You can establish custom workflows, use a simplistic PC-style menu tree, and take advantage of the full-featured template system which offers add-on architecture.

WordPress is an excellent solution for those who are not familiar with coding or web design. It is a straightforward solution that allows you to choose a theme, install it, and then personalize it through minor modifications. You can easily install plugins that further the customization that is available. Even with little experience, it is possible to have a website up and running within minutes on this platform, though the PHP framework is sensitive and complex.

Customization: MODX vs WordPress

MODX relies on community add-ons and plugins in order to create a customized user experience. Programmers that are familiar with the CMS can easily add new plugins that they’ve personally developed to their library for an extra level of customization. There are only a handful of options from which to choose, but each is usually highly tested by the community and found to be suitable for the needs that it says it can meet.

WordPress relies on a community of developers for their add-ons and plugins as well. The community is so large, in fact, that there are usually multiple plugins available to meet almost any need. It is up to each individual to test the viability of the plugin or add-on to make sure it works with their installation.

Assistance: MODX vs WordPress

MODX has extensive materials that can be reviewed in order to learn the CMS platform. It is almost like taking a class because of the extent of materials that are available. For this reason, it tends to attract those who are more familiar with programming and website design, so there are very few third-party blogs, media, or publications that can help the average user out if they get stuck.

WordPress is designed more to cater to the casual website designer, freelancer, or start-up SMB. There are several communities online that are available to answer questions, along with a large database of blogs, forums, and other third-party content from which to reference.

In both instances, however, you are on your own to discover your solution. There is no formalized customer support process to be followed.

Security: MODX vs WordPress

Both CMS platforms are about equally secure at their foundation. Although MODX sites are not exploited as often as WordPress sites, this is likely due to the overwhelming popularity of WordPress compared to MODX.

The one difference in this comparison area is that the plugins and add-ons of WordPress expose sites to more security vulnerabilities. MODX utilizes well-tested applications that limit the scope of this added exposure risk for site security.

Cost Comparison: MODX vs WordPress

Both platforms are open-source CMS solutions. This means each is available to consumers for free thanks to the General Public License that is offered. Some developers may charge a fee to maintain the installation of the CMS on your behalf.

For those who hire out for their website design, MODX tends to cost a little more because of the extra early customization. WordPress can be handled individually, but requires an added time investment for design and testing to make sure the site is as responsive as expected. Over the long run, when considering all maintenance and updating needs, MODX tends to save time and money compared to WordPress.

Which CMS Platform Is Right for You?

MODX is an excellent solution for those who are familiar with coding and website design and there is a need for a highly customized, large-scale site solution.

WordPress is an excellent solution for those who want to get a website designed quickly and want to focus more on their content than the actual design of the site.

Each has specific strengths that make it worth considering. In the MODX vs WordPress debate, which side do you find yourself on?

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